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Here's Steve Austin Ladies and Germs Steve Austin coming to you from the human optimization. I'm coming to you from a room with nature boy. Ric flair last episode. Ed Cut this conversation. Short does show continues today talking to the nature boy. The greatest professional wrestlers ever lived. WanNa shut the fuck up mode. Darwich fly on the wall. Stealth control running controls back in conversation with the nature. Boy Oh man coming back tax break. It's hard to take a break. We're talking about talking about Hanson versus lex Luger and Stan Hansen with a vicious clothesline. It's been all over the total package but anyone who was blind. He's throwing the rope and they come off kid I'll give you the clothesline line and that's close close right. Yeah one time. I had a blade in my hand and he said well clothesline. You get the blood now right through me. It was a hard doctor out of my head. That'd blade utilize such didn't ask good vision and I was couldn't see a flood. Oh I was barely WCW. And I only met Stan futile. And he was always very nice to a yeah. It was Super Guy he had such ray says Japan span unbelievable he and Brodie who where they were over like nobody over there. End While was enduring. Terry Terry Terry Terry. Let's talk about a minute Dory Funk. Terry great singles wrestlers could tag. We're on we're talking about tag team wrestling. Mat Rate TAG team phenomena. Nick and Ray Steve. Yes another great tag team. There's another tag him and she liked I said Ordinance. Later Gordon slater with the BRISCOE brothers. Oh of course. Yeah you can that derivatives. Oh of course they do. I'm with Don curdle me. Dr Arrest Wrestling the risk. Right so I go I go to Jerry Briscoe Dakhil drop down than give me hip. Lock Them Rovan Jerry. Drop Donna would never try Jack Right. Yeah so I jumped on dropping Jerry. Right just did. I didn't stay long. Yeah I'd take the stress care who for thirty minutes? Oh my God to my listeners. Well what's happening rig azan on tackle drop down the person who's GonNa lay down face down on the Mat while the guy runs over the top of Yes to continue the spot? Rick did was jump on top of him and riding amateur. Don't don't top. I was on top. Your top six stand to shooters brisk. Jack and Jane were did not do that. All I got tagged it all got a great story for you to go ahead Jack. Risk-aware national right Jackson World Champion and jacket and Jerry. We're real close Ebola Piper now right so I go to go to Briscoe I'm going to I'm to bed. Piper hundred bucks and he can take you down of course. Of course that's smart Nebraska Right. So don't grab Tommy like Oh severed resident rise in go till go Goto goto paper. I got one hundred bucks as he can't take vote course pipers. I think he thought he could not knowing his coming right. I smart very acceptable. So the curtain sold six thousand people as you'll right so the match was on for about ten fifteen minutes Piper GonNa try through of he got in he shot on Jack Brisco wile so he got jags leg up right. Yeah but jackets phenomenal balance. He bounced around on one foot for about thirty seconds. And we're going to close enough estimate would ever never with the lights the rest of the night. One time I went down zone date Matt born born value was right foot around for screwing around with Rigel and to he jumped number and BRISCO and but thirty seconds later. Briscoe head him an angel going. Look mom no hands. Stretch born per mile. Jack Brisco was phenomenal. Ma'am Holy Cow. I tell you something because what I think Jack. Brisco THINK SINGLES. I think not only of his brother Jerry and attacked him but also think of world championships at a singles wrestler. I was reading Terry. Funk's book and tears run as Nwea world champion as you were many times. Yes I got the I was described terrier described and has pretend to Jack Brisco the load carrying that belt rose so extreme that by and large you know by the time the run was over. They were ready to get that belt. Give about two way so they could get off the pressure. Get off the schedule. Because it's funny Jack. Brisco fluent no Tampa that ninety is supposed to Russell for the world championship and he walked in his office to story instead. You Fly Terry Funk in here tonight I'm done and so they flew in Terry. We'll even advertise match and he dropped the title in Ontario. He drove back home. Draw on top of that bridge. What's that bridge called? Tampa the big one. I don't. She took off his wristwatch through the ocean and Oregon. Because at that time Jack was married to Dory and he would wrestle dory every city in the country for an hour night right. We don't for two years. Yes Jack said God and when he was done he was done. I mean Hell. I've been with the briscoes man. When we lived Richmond. Right Dr Charlotte three hundred miles and we got the Greenville for realized which is one hundred miles pass before. Why don't get me going underscore brothers. Well let's talk about the grand no because anybody. That's that's been on the road has been there certainly you have. How did you survive so long with that belt? Because I've heard the stories from Terry Funk or the Jack Brisco man. I'm ready to get this thing. Addy here we'll ride on it. I had about ten years of the two hundred our match right. Those guys were doing to three hundred a year right Not carried much and Jack All But I I why because I love the business all and I couldn't wait to get out drugs my problem. You know the two hundred people or twenty thousand. I couldn't wait to get out there so you come out of the ring and man for me it's adrenaline. Yeah obviously you too. Yeah and so God man. I'm jumping all over the place here but now you still listening to get back in here. Yeah the Corn Afraid Haley. I'm ready right now again. Convinced corporate of that. But he's talking about it. Yeah then I have a no joke. Seventeen vital things going to happen. But I wouldn't mind trying but Johnson is the only Guy Never Russell Right Russell. John No see I actually. I've rustled everybody in the business of any room except for John so then now when how long has it been since you had your last match Last match was against sting. It's been a year and a half I Separate I don't WanNa do. I broke my arm but nobody knew Bonny for shoot. Yeah he's super top role. Yeah and for some reason. My aren't land underneath. Yeah yeah the last time. I wrestled so year and a half and I remember when I got out of businesses by three years for kind of came to my senses It took a long time. You get out of my blood. It's always going to be my blood out of my system and realized to me. It's all Steve. It's over I gotta turn back to civilian so now do the things that I do. I got a lot a lot of good memories so but you. You Ain't got out of your system now it hasn't no. I mean it's fine because I am one of these guys I've been able to make the transition you know I. It was wrestling than it became a sports entertainment and it's changed drastically out but the marketing has guys are making more money. Vince pays bills. Lemay takes care of everybody. You know and You know I just like hanging around the I like. I love the young guys here. I have a ball of them. Speaking of young guys eleven of business. What was in your career and I know. You have many many many High points but what do you consider? The highest of highs was it a particular year The four horsemen or run with the original group. Okay so I wanted I wanted debris iron myself it wasn't about against dusty was phenomenal man. It was mu wargames right yet. Say the four names again. Arn Anderson Oli innocent tully blanchard myself. Jj Right Yup and so you guys start running roughshod put you guys together Arns. That was orange. I aren't idea and he keeps them name. Fourth Gen aren't aren't gene. I used to watch you guys. And of course many thousands somewhere in Texas and I was watching this stuff. Go down and brother. Let me say something you guys had some he and it was. It was whenever horse we we never want any arena the right he heat on TV. And you know this before. I can't remember when the Doctor D David Shelf stuff but the business had been exposed wrestling with still real. Yeah it was still K- fade. Yeah when I watched the horsemen lay down all of a sudden when you guys broke his ankle like all man. Yeah man you guys. They'd Never Rick Ricky Morton's face in cement watch the other day. Yeah how about the time on a jumped? Steamboat didn't funny now. But it was funny. Then so We shot this angle. Reid jumped on steamboat and rubbed his face. Concrete did ten years later with more with Morton right now and Harley was there. He said that he tells David Brock of your by some sandpaper. So don't steamboat. Up The locker room before kid in Harley took that he didn't take them light rain man he took and he you know got him up. Cut Cut his face I then he rubs divorce I was black for a year relate. He was so at me. You rather it was a real deal. How much he did you guys have back then. How hard was to travel. Because you guys live the heat. There's a Lotta heels in the business these days that are afraid to get hot. I loved it. I did too when you guys thrive on my only what Harley to drive me crazy. We'd we'd be someone going to buy right. Just you'll meet a couple of drinks out around a senior Harley. Goes Watch this and you go over the pool table right. Then it'd be twenty guys. Waiting in line of plane are put a quarter Don's eight. I got the winner and they go. Did I got the winner? Always WanNA serve. He always wanted to start. Come up here we just go up here and calm down. You Know Harley right now biting the beer bottle out chug anybody in the blaze right now. He's better than guys open throat right. Yeah hardly drink a beer. Like and two seconds. Boom wait bill. We got that bed going. I go harley can we just were Texas man he's cowgirls? Let's have some fun. Calm down. He always wanted to beat somebody up. But here's the thing I it was word on the street with Harley was one tough can think so but I never heard about him getting into a whole lot of fights but he was always didn't they didn't you take him to Japan with a couple of times is to help you out. Help me out. They send it was my bodyguard. That's what I'm saying. They sent word make sure have a fax sent word out. The guy called me and said you're going Japan the Russell through they wanNA switch Sabella. But we're not going to do it besides Harley with expose that's nice but you mean I don't even help on the go. I'm making a joke to myself. I was landing Hollywood's going so holly outside the ring right our jumble right in Lord blurs the referee real cool deal. But jumbled himself you know what over the right so we walked back in hardly says. I'll be right back. I said what are you going? He said. Follow me. Watch this. So he walks into Baba Baba's sitting there smoking big. Roy Tans the Guy Right you know what's the deal right now and Jomo was there and he walked Jomaa's Rueda in. He slapped him across the face. He said you over suplex one of my friends again without him. Calling the spot. All beat the crap audio guess. What jumbled into dribbled and get up and say nothing nobody Harley race really trying to making you straight out of huge rate up maybe kill you walk in. There said what is this. What are you GONNA now? I knew he was doing right laugh. He slapped Jomo across the face open-handed and Jomo didn't get up and say nothing. He said you over suplex one of my friends again when he don't call it. You know jumbo you take forty back. Ger- German suplexes right. That was his Gimmick Olympic freestyle free Olympic Rolling the wrestler. He was. Yeah but was hardly. Watch this out mirror. One time I was telling do I guess I'm GonNa play the robot him there was somewhere in Texas so he's going to read the guy back. It goes so what I did. I gotTa rattlesnake and sewed his mouth shut out you and put the rattlesnake in the car and you should have seen the look on his face when he came to get his car the next day you know but Harley how did you catch the rattlesnakes with.

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