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A lot of faith in him to be able to to step into some shoes on the. Oh line and a lot of people have been drawing. Darren waller comparisons to him and in that sense. I mean and the respect that the raiders got to see. Darren waller for glimpses Just prior to the year that he became a starter so with that being said how much faith do you have in andrei james being able to fill the big shoes. That rodney hudson left behind. I'm not gonna. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I don't feel great about it to be honest. Because i don't know what andre james's if it's it's it's to your point if anybody said they knew what darren waller was before darren waller was what he has. Now they'd be lying because there's just not enough the sample size james got into a couple of games. He played a little bit. He's moly came out as a guard so he's not even a true center. So it's really really. It's almost impossible to say. Look i'll take the coaches stance on it. And if they're high on them you have no choice but to be high on him. He's got a call out the defense. Now he's got to develop the relationship. Derek carr he's got to develop the relationship with the guards and you hope that he could just put on his shoulders and run with it. But it's a it's a tough transition. It's a tough like we sat tough shoes to fill and pro bowl. Guy like rodney hudson but centers nine an easy position to play. You have a lot of things going on. you've got gotta be a cerebral guy. You have your head on the swivel most time so it. It's really tough to say. I wouldn't be doing a justice. I sit here and say that andre james is going to be at level hudson. He needs to be at the level of rodney hudson because he was so good he needs to be just a stabilizing force and not let know the rest of the allied suffer because he's struggling because if that's the case but that's why like signing mcmartin nick. Martin is started a lot of football games in national football league. So if you get into training camp and andrea james struggling a little bit. Maybe andre james shifts over the guard. Put nick martin at center and you have guide a you have a guy. That's played senator national football league so if they didn't sign a guy like nick martin. I'd be really really worried about it. But would a veteran on the football team that you hope for the best one hundred james and of the coaching staff is right and this guy is going to be a star than the raiders had hit the jackpot again. Speaking hitting the jackpot. I wanna get your take on somebody that another guy i was. Not anticipating that the raiders. It'd be taking a look at during agency and that name is kenyan drake. I thought they might look for somebody else. Maybe a little bit more low budget. Let's say somebody that wasn't as costly as kenyan drake would be to the team But what does this do for the run game. When you look at what jon gruden has done in the past always kind of a two headed attack at the in the backfield. And he's done in the past with the raiders. He did it with tampa bay. And now we're going to maybe see that. Would drake and jacob shaking out in the backfield together. So what do you see when you look at those two up in the backfield. Let's not put this any other way. This kenyan drake was a gruden shiny new toy. Offseason in couldn't have you know he couldn't have the poor she couldn't have the lamborghini probably wanted to top one of the top wide receivers and something like that to go on his offense. Because that's just how jon gruden roles but kenyan drake is at nice little chesapeake. Said he can move around. And it's probably a lot of money on everybody's freaking out about the money but it's not a lot for guys can contribute. We all love josh. Jacobs as raider fans we see josh. Shaka's we see how good he is at times. I get mad when he's off the field but we we've seen over the past couple years jacobs inability to play all sixteen games. He gets nicd up. He runs really hard. Kenyan drake is going to be a guy that's going to be look what they did with devante booker last year. Devante booker was in every third. Set downs for this football team and he contributed you. Expect that a lot from kenyan drake. Kenny drake's split out moore's receiver. You can have them in motion and slots think about the kansas city chiefs. Do with a lot of guys. And i'm not saying kenyan. Drake is like tyreek hill. Or anybody like that. But i think he's a piece to this offense defenses have to respect jacobs's in the backfield and you split out four wide and kenyan drake is in the slot. He's going to be covered by linebacker. Maybe a safety something like that. You can get matchup nightmares. I don't look at kenyan drake as a backup running back. Kenyan drake is a coal running back. And that's not a shot at josh jacobs to say that josh shakeups is not a guy that's capable. Josh jacobs is hundred percent. Guy that's capable. Who gets better as the game goes on but with kenyan drake about match ups in the national football. It's about jon. Gruden run in his offense. And if you're gonna roll with the original role with henry ruggs bryan edwards john brown and these guys and hunter renfrow. You're gonna want a piece like kenyan drake on the field a lot. So that doesn't mean he's going to get more touches than josh jacobs. I just think it's a nice complimentary piece if you're going to go out there and spend big money on a receiver. You're going to go a little average. John brown bring him in who i love. I think is going to be really good for this football team. I like the ability for kenyan drake to come in here not only as a running back. Not only to split out right passes. I love him on third down. I don't know what that means to gentlemen rashard. Maybe he is the guy that's on. This football team comes up timber. But i love kenny. Drake's ability to catch the ball at a backfield. I think he's going to be a nice weapon for this offense. Yeah he's just mentioned. John brown the name there. And how under the radar is that because he spent a lot of the last season injured Not as much visibility from what he's capable of was seen. I mean i think when you start looking at the past seasons when he's been with other teams that he's done really well for himself in different positions on. I think that they needed to fill the shoes. The agholor left behind and that he is very much going to fit into the offense. The way i think al gore did what's your take on his signing. I agree i mean. I tweeted this out When they signed brown people when when they signed nelson agla last year. I was to be honest. I was pissed. This guy drops everything. He's going to be a disaster. Why they wasting their time. So i feel higher on a guy. John brown coming in this offseason. Who's establishing the league. The one knock on john brown as he does get hurt. He's not the biggest guy in the world he gets. You know thing does from time to time when he's on the field. He's productive use productive in arizona productive with josh allen in buffalo. He's not a guy is going gonna catch one hundred passes. He's not that type of guy but he's a big play guy. He's durable what. I love about john brown as he's a really good route runner he can come in here and help guy like henry ruggs. Show him how to run around. Show him how to run a big row sham. How to run a slant. The way that jon gruden wants it run into national football league. Henry ruggs struggle last year with route running struggle. Getting off the line of scrimmage. He struggled with some running and that's why he wasn't getting targeted as much. So i like john brown if he could stay healthy like him as a mentor for For henry ruggs. And i think he could put up similar production. He's a deep threat. Not nobody knew that. Nelson i glow was a deep threaten told. He was going deep last year and carcinoma bombs. There's no reason at. John brown can't be that i expect him to fill that agla role to a t. And have the same type of production that had in two thousand twenty. All right eddie. Right there we're going to take a quick break when we come back. We have another big name but discuss on offense. And then after that. We're gonna get into some big names on defense. Stay tuned right here on the takeaways edition at the vegas nation company salary. Cap is probably tighter. And you can't afford to miss on a new. Hire every person knew add needs to fit just right indeed dot com is the hiring site that helps you find quality candidates instantly so you can do part. You really need faster. Meeting and hiring great people indeed searches through the millions of resumes and their database. 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