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So i went and you gave him again Just kinda talked about his trip If he just gonna zero friends and Seeing how he was feeling feeling about it he was pretty anxious. You didn't really wanna go And so i kind of joke with them. A little bit about you know leaving. How did you joke with them. you know i. I knew he was in Very dues ago. So i just made the coming. You know. we'll have to sean. And he kinda you know rolled his eyes at me. He said when he and his mom and stepdad got into town. After learning. that dylan was missing. He tried to get in contact with mark he said multiple search efforts were underway but that he only saw mark participate in one. And then You talked about how you participating but not getting communication and things like that. You get frustrated. Why 'cause. I wanna find dylan and i believe that. Should be his motive do So when the lack of his efforts you know where Being clearly demonstrated really angered me in june. Two thousand thirteen searches rescheduled for middle mountain. They hadn't been able to search up there too much before because of the weather. Now it was june and the weather was nicer. Corey attended the search and so did his mom and stepdad. Mark did not. Was he in town at all. Not when we started the now. She's still living on embassy so so yes so he was living roughly miles away from where the circus going to occur and he wasn't from. Yes that upset you. Yes he said. Investigators found bones and idead them as dylan's items were also located and he said he had to identify them as dylan's or not he identified and underwear banned and scraps of t-shirt. He said they still hadn't found dylan's backpack cell phone ball cap wallet or debit card. After the search was over mark came back into town and attended a candlelight vigil for dylan to mr mom based on living with Doing for near years in Knowing him closely do you ever know him to walk off or mild. When would you know ever seen him do anything like that. No you ever see him. Climbing that mountain that we looked at and then in terms of middle mountain road Had you in the ever gone walked all the way up there. No not walked. How would you get up there With an heb there one the defendants on yes Did you ever know of any instances him hitchhiking on his father's house. No on cross corey agreed that he had told. Investigators that dylan would not fight. Mark that he would always just walk away. He also told them that he did not believe. Mark would ever hurt dylan. Corey told the court that at some point he recalled getting scrape on his finger while he was in the woods by his dad's house and that it was enough of a wound that he had to bandage it on another occasion. He said he had vomited at his. Dad's house marks. Attorney brought up dylan in mark's boston trip. And how dylan had asked corey to send him those photos. Corey had testified on direct. That he never dead. You told your dad. That dylan was the was the one who originally found the pictures right. Yes this event where you sent pictures to your father was while your father and dylan were alone on a road trip by dido. I never sent any pictures to. At least i've ever.

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