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The so much and i mean eddie hearn's just announce a boxing streaming deal today i don't know if anybody saw that matchroom boxing yeah like a billion dollars for eight years yeah i mean basically we're hearn is doing before we get them and we're doing his creating extremely service which is he's going after any fighter who is a promotional free agent right so like alhamid fighters are maybe men bio hemant but they're not under promotional contracts so that's why danny jacobs francis is under matching boxing so they're trying to create their own streaming service to do boxing as well and they're promising to go see more fight to sounds like pbc recently did when they announced it and then then she went up smoke but but that's the idea but ultimately there's a lot of streaming services and we're in the court company but at some point it's like damage to me ashes dizzy is gonna have the stream soon i only watch much yeah i can't get up to the hundred dollars a month range like at this point you know i got showtime hbo only 'cause i'm borrowing people's passwords for shit so somebody gotta keep something i'm the king of that borrowing passwords if you wanna throw me a password for somebody's stop paying for it how at me on twitter so so i don't think much of this deal just yet 'cause i need to see the quality fights in the spn plus and i see how this works in congenial you'll see pass because the contender series is going to guess pm plus as well does that mean as off i pass are they just canceling fight pass what the fuck is going on i feel like that should be the wave as to just if you're going to do this to sell five pass and to say it ain't it ain't working because just for invicta now.

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