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Are blocked in the crash is still being cleared in Edison on southbound route one at old post road and one lane is blocked their next traffic update less than ten minutes away and WCBS scan a live update on potentially some stormy weather here's Bob Larson well here but throughout the area this afternoon mostly cloudy few peaks assigned it could be a shower scattered about see some activity north of the city at this hour eighty one for the high that a couple of showers and thunderstorms later today into the saving quite humid survival sixty dive war bad habit of our backs the clouds sun to give me a shower thunderstorm I eighty six cooler once you but on Sunday it's now seventeen was sentenced seventy seven and rock away seventy three bit jambalaya VT one Paul and Bob Monday brings phase one here to New York City in the NYC transit interim president Sarah Feinberg told us it'll be a real test for the subways and buses and for riders who might not feel so comfortable on public transit the first thing for people to remember is that phase one is not a signal to all of New York you get on the subway system and you know to go shopping phase one is about the potential workers to expand you know out in the fifth inning keeping us going the whole time plus the phase one worker said the construction crews the folks you're going to be doing the curbside retail need to travel during phase one or those are the folks who should be traveling during phase one and we're excited to welcome them back to the system and and I I do think people will feel comfortable but we spent the last many weeks cleaning disinfecting and making sure that the system is ready for folks to.

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