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This is the one that's got may super duper excited. They have been maytham. Plumes detected on enceladus one of moon's this is this is an ice giant. Isn't an ice moon. I should say with what's believed to be. Oceans underneath is is that correct. It is correct. Yeah and the evidence of that will many pieces of evidence for the structure of a rocky body with a global ocean over the top of a not a ice coating over the top of that at there. There is good evidence from different sources but in the case of enceladus it's really direct because of course the cassini spacecraft a very early on in the cassini mission detected these plumes of ice crystals spurting out of the cracks in the ice near until the south pole surreally really spectacular stuff. And i think it's still sense. Tingles down our spines. Just the fact that we've got these guys as of ice burg out of a body at the other end of the solar system quite remarkable did cassini actually fly through one of those god. I think yes several times. There were several because once they were discovered which was quite early in the mission the mission scientists may chill how several took it. I think within fifty kilometres of the surface of Sometimes a took to go through the blooms and so it was possible for the you know. The mass spectrometer equipment aboard the spacecraft to to san police things directly not just to look at the spectrum of the light coming from the exhaust plumes but actually fly through collect bits of ice effectively. Yeah which is what. They did Of course you've got to be careful when you do that I think they they were only really getting to the the core of these ice plumes quite light in the mission. Because you don't want to risk something big flying spacecraft hitting it if there was a large chunk but no it's it was from cassini that we know so much about these ice plumes now i remember when they released the results were released of the perhaps the the i really careful analysis of what was in them and it was As you've mentioned a maintain a plus a molecular hydrogen sometimes called die. Hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Those particular molecules were identified and immediately. The conclusion was drawn that they possibly coming from hyde hydrothermal vents. In the bottom of enceladus ocean. Now it's not proof of hydrothermal vents. But he's very strongly indicative of the hat of course partly because that's what you get from hydrates hydrothermal vents on the bottom of verse oceans. And that really got people excited. But what wasn't really commented on. The time was the high fraction of that You know the set of different molecules. That was actually maintain. A obama is sometimes pronounced that was higher-than-expected.

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