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Today is going help. You put a whole new perspective on the dreaded t. a. x. were taxes. I know that may seem like a dry subject. But not when you talk to samantha single. Which is the person that you're gonna hear from in just a couple of minutes. She is a business tax accounting and a highly sought after international speaker. She's the founder and ceo of talks tax group and several other businesses. That she runs but what. I really want you to understand that you're about to hear is a mindset shift from taking taxes as just something that's boring and you have to do and it takes money out of your pocket to something that you have control over because you have control over your business. I have never been more educated nor inspired by some of this talking about this subject than i was by samantha. She is incredibly engaging. You're gonna love every minute of this listening to her story and how she breaks everything down so make sure you definitely get ready to say this episode or get a pencil or a pad to write down some tips and notes. This is going to be one of those interviews. You're going to really shake your head. And say wow. I never thought of it like that before without any further delay. Here's my interview. with samantha. single singletary. Welcome to the gig. Show how are you..

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