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At WGN radio waves as the WGN news coming your way Kim Gordon right now brought to you by America's bath dot com first responders made eighteen water rescues in Lake County following heavy rains Thursday the rescues included driver stranded in their cars on route forty one no injuries reported the National Weather Service reported nearly three and a half inches of rain fell overnight actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to fourteen days in prison for her role in the sweeping college admissions scandal she's the first parent to be sentenced among thirty four charged in this game the desperate housewives star was also given a thirty thousand dollar fine two hundred fifty hours of community service and a year of supervised release Nestle is closing of frozen food distribution facility in Glendale heights of laying off a hundred twenty one workers beginning in October the facility which houses products like Dreyer's ice cream and a juror no pizza is one of eight companies owned one of a company owned centers being shut down across the US and now WGN sports here's Kevin pathways Kim comes final home stand has begun the trial the pirates forty two in the first inning of the series opener final road trip of the year for the white Sox dealing Kobe makes the start in Seattle pregame eight thirty five with mark Harmon first page after nine with AT and DJs time finding a home in the big leagues sponsored by the village of Bedford park building up for the future your mall condos turnaround season continues he's had safely and seven of his last eight games six multi hit games going sixteen of thirty four with three doubles a Homer three RBIs in just five strikeouts in that stretch newly acquired defenseman Calvin de Haan not ready for the start of Blackhawks training camp which got going today the twenty eight year old still recovering from offseason shoulder.

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