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I think we probably have seen the best aunt in terms of touchdown rate in terms of touch downright may i would be surprised if he thirdplace sixteen games next year and doesn't throw thirty three touchdowns but i would be shocked if he plays sixteen games it doesn't throw for forty three hundred yards i wouldn't all right right it's just i just think he's 37 82 last year he's on pay he added about legislature he's a bookie i understand cares a lot quarterbacks are good the rookie year than have a sophomore slump maybe his sophomore slump his ex you're 90s terrific player i know you i i couldn't think of one bus for next year i really couldn't well i just gave you yeah and he was the only one i wrote down 'cause i he does have to do better in terms of yards he has to i think wins will but if he doesn't i don't know like maybe russell wilson i don't think wilson should be the first quarterback off the board i don't think he will be but if they if they you know fix their offense of wine and try to run the ball more which is sort of been in seattle's dna may wilson his place more like a number five quarterback atlanta i'm going to really try to pull off the track sector with my sleeper quarterback pick that i'll go ahead and make right now because uh two years ago i call them a sleeper and he was uh one of the best quarterbacks vanity football and this year i call them a bust and he was not good at all unsal say matt ryan firstly pressure yet you own matt have you got a couple of callers on the line here with some starter said questions if you have any of those are weak seventeen fire away at eight five five two one two four cbs robert in dallas robert you're on i on fantasy football your sir i wanna bureau uh uh what i'm talking about quarterback woes ban i've gone on my head this shawn watson.

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