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Dodge avenger and has been known to visit atlanta and montgomery the bronze bomber is pushing for another fight to defend his heavyweight championship deontay wilder says his team has offered anthony joshua fifty million dollar deal to take on wilder in the ring walder says the fight would be epic and what happened sometime between september and december this news is brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com i'm andrea ties attorney general steve marsh a tough prosecutor who's fighting alongside president trump to a paul the rule of law steve marshall is a force for the most vulnerable like michaela hello my name is michaela growing up my father molested my sisters and me it was a horrifying experience that no child should have to endure my father hired a high powered attorney in vowed to fight the charges i felt powerless then a met steve marshall who was our district attorney at the time after meeting steve marshall i knew i had an advocate a champion in my corner steve marshall made it his personal responsibility to ensure that justice was served now my father is behind bars and i've been able to grow up without the fear of being hurt again attorney general steve marshall is a good man he'll be the voice for victims republicans steve marshall fighting for alabama eight four by steve marshall for alabama eek po box thirty five thirty seven montgomery alabama three six one those superstation is coming to your hometown go to one zero one w y dot com for details good morning this look at traffic is brought to you by.

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