DNC, Democratic Party, Tom Perez discussed on Yankees Baseball (Air Only)


And we're asking DNC restoring Those labor unions and a hall coming together, on to figure out differences Party of workers of people, of young people as well that's a conversation that we're willing to have but we need the DNC to restore our trust by restoring the ban on oil CEO money in in the Democratic Party proponents of the van band Sabe reversing it was a show of support for labor and fossil, fuel workers specifically who had, felt attacked by the original ban DNC chairman Tom Perez authored the resolution Which said the DNC could accept contributions from. Workers including those in energy and related industries, who organize and donate to democratic candidates individually or through their unions or employers political action committees the sunshine movement is asking the DNC defined a compromise that doesn't put the environment at odds with workers this is the Pacific evening news on KPFA Berkeley KPFK Los Angeles KFC Fresno with Christina, honest, at I'm Lena Alphandery Still to come on the news tonight state officials say marijuana taxes have brought in more than. One hundred thirty five million dollars in the first six months of legalization and Italy's prime minister declares a. State of emergency for the region surrounding the disastrous highway bridge collapsed. In Genoa. That killed more than, three dozen people The.

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