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Next day, sweltering heat and hoping that there's no spies from asking around so that I can take the jacket and the hat off because the second you do that, excuse me, sir, would you please leave without making a fuss? It's tremendous. Very excited for babies. It's also in the tussle skull cup in Ireland on the end of May so that might be an option after we make a decision about where we go next weekend. Yeah, because that's going to be a heart race. We know that that's, well, we know that Luxembourg will be going for the pre Ghana. Along with the Dani. So if he goes there, that's going to be hot. And Aidan has intimated that it's the goal cup for Luxembourg. So potentially taking him on twice. But by the Senate, we'll talk a little bit more about Luxembourg later on, but the sounds of things, at least from what Aiden has said early in the season and we'll talk to him next week. Please guard. It's sounding like a Dylan Thomas duke of marmalade kind of campaign. At least that's what's initially being mapped out for him. So that's going to be interesting, but in terms of your, it's great that by the way, and James Wigan have kept him in training because he could be so, so good this year as a 5 year old. Back as a 5 year old, the mirror at chili park. Her form reads particularly well from sandin, where she beat grand damn, therefore still went on to be third in a group one afterwards behind Neil callan source. How is she winter? Yeah, she's went to really well. She's going to, we think we might start her group to it mile at stand down next Friday. Which we won with another cheaply park Philly call rights on last year, got an exceptional ride from Ryan Moore that day, I must say, so that's where she'll start. She liked sand down, the ground should be nice and then I mean, we sent her over to Ireland last year and she just didn't perform at all. So we'll have to be careful where we where we choose to run, but I would think I would think that next week in the group to mar and then maybe back to epson where she runs so well last year, Derby day. There will be an early season options, but she's got a group to win her, I think, personally, and she's a progressive Philly and she's training really well. It's a tip in itself that she's still in training and chili Parker very sporting in that regard. Just on the fact that she bombed out in Ireland. That's something we see happen quite a bit. Obviously not exclusive to your yard. It's a thing that happens with every stable. There are certain horses who just don't travel. But can you put your finger on why? Well, it's just completely out of routine. Listen, you know, you don't ask them to do it very often. So it doesn't become it doesn't become a habit to them. I mean, I think you'll see, let's just take David o'meara say. He sent his sprinters over to the current of to France a couple of times a year. So they're well able to handle it. So it's just something like that was the first time she'd done it and we just think maybe it was just something else to think the horses it's only after they run you see if they've traveled well. They can eat up and they can drink and they can train well while they're on the trip. But a trip like R in where you're going through the night, they get exercise the next morning and then they run the day after. It's not like you're going to America for ten days and you just given a few days to settle in and acclimatize. It's very much in and do it and some horses just can't just can't do it. I mean, I've taken a horse I've taken horses like an old favorite of ours linga to Munich when we he had a ten hour box trip to cologne stopped overnight at a ten hour box stripped down to Munich and won a group one very easily and came back and you could around a week after it's just individually how they take it and how they maybe stress about it or just settle in. It's very much an individual thing Emmett and Aiden's horses are well used to traveling. They fly into the UK or they box down to generally box when they're at the Chester may meeting. They're very much used to traveling even these two year olds, you know? So in the longer term as three and four year olds, it's just another day out for them. Yeah, he will do things like at the start of the season, bring them for an away day to the kura. And even it's different for Aiden because they have the ability to be able to do this with the cool more might, but I'm fascinated by the fact that all of Aiden O'Brien's runners at Roy lasker wake up at bally Doyle that morning and go to bed at belly door that night, and so does Aiden. It's remarkable. It's remarkable. It's just the most professional outfit. I mean, it's second to none headed by pat Keaton and it's just a firm that you look at them and everyone admires them. You know, they're just the way they do it. There's a massive amount of work goes into what they're doing rightfully so they get the results. Yeah, it's such a well oiled machine that you can't be anything but admiring of it. And one of the things that fascinates me about Aiden is each season I talk to him. There's a change. You would imagine that when you have that level of success, literally the record holder for classic winners in British racing. Aiden O'Brien, first classic in 1998. And he has that record already, who knows how what that record will end that by the time he gives up his career. But a word you could never use a word you could never use with a Brian and team palliative complacency. You would think he sets the record. He beats Bobby front in the late great Bobby frankel's record for group and grade one winners in a season. And he still evolves and is trying to tinker and change and make things better. It's he doesn't want to stand still. They want to be even better the next year. It's quite frightening, but you can't be anything, but admiring others. Just finally on horses traveling. I remember getting word from cheltenham that beef or salmon was not drinking was not eating on one of his many trips to Sheldon, but this was the year he was the four to one favorite for the gold cup. It was the year war of attrition one. And you will hear racecourse rumors and sometimes they're absolute nonsense and sometimes there is facts to them. When a horse doesn't travel, particularly well, doesn't take that in.

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