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Fifteen ten wwl. As e. Heart radio station. Not. Notes accurately czar this land is your land was written by Arlo Guthrie because he hated the song. God bless America. Bernie's bunch was singing the left's national anthem was. Woody Guthrie wasn't was it are low. Why I thought this land Israel. I thought it was. Woody. I it doesn't matter. I do know. That it was written. As sort of a communist screed. It was Woody. Okay. I like to be right. Mitch in Santa Fe. Go ahead, sir. All right. Hang on. I'll come back to you. Please don't do that. Our our audience is not wanna wait on that. Drew in Dayton. Go ahead. Yeah. It was Woody. Hi, michael. I'm just wondering where Roe v. Wade differentiates which Wayne, Bob, -bility and states, right? I've got some friends that are libertarian, and they say that if one state wants to kill babies as one thing and another state doesn't want you. They, you know, that's their choice and. I got so much. I want to ask you and not hold. I kinda lost strength off. It happens. Don't don't sweat it. There are issues of federalism. The tenth amendment to the constitution. The final of the ten the twelve that were proposed the ten that passed that came to be known as the Bill of rights. Leaves these things to the state. However, we've been very clear there's certain things the states can't do the states can't authorize murder, for instance, the states can't create their own immigration policy. Even though California has has done. So the point at which. You can rule that abortion is murder. Of a human being. Point at which you can get that ruling is the point at which states can't allow abortion. But you gotta get that ruling. Dr Anthony levity Tino. Is a board certified obstetrician gynecologist with forty years of medical experience. He is both a lawyer and a physician he's taught as a professor of OBGYN at Albany medical center. He also served as the medical student director and residency program director. In the early part of his career, doctor Levin, Tino, performed quite a few abortions over twelve hundred of them in the first and second trimesters, he has practiced obstetrics and gynecology in Florida, New York and currently Pat practices in New Mexico..

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