Hawks, Dijon Murray, Jack Lawndale discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


That's AXS dot com. So let's now let's shift a little bit to talk about the dijak di marriage trade. Spend a little time on this one because I know it happened a little while ago, a little further. Actually, when did this happen? Did you talk about this one? We mentioned it, but we had other stuff that we had to get to. So we weren't able to dive in, really. Real quick, here's the trade. Hawks get Dijon Murray and Jack lawndale spurs got danilo Gallinari future Celtic, great. They waved him. A 2023 first round pick from the hornets of 2025 first round pick that's unprotected from the hawks, a 2026 pick swap with the hawks. At 2027 first round, unprotected pick from the hawks. That's Gallo bin waved yet? Yes, I think so. I saw that all the reports were like plans to sign with the Celtics, but it weirdly, but I know we're assuming it's the mid level, but I haven't seen the terms anywhere yet either. I think they're waiting for the moratorium to end. But yeah, so the hawks then traded Kevin herder. That is a trade that we discussed because it broke during our episode. Which I told you they would, I was like, I'd call that. I was like, oh, they're probably gonna, you're like, why would they trade hurt her? And I was like, oh my God. And I was like, Mike, you innocent, sweet soul. You don't know anything about team building and how these owners work. But I know you were like the hawks, I really need them to get more picks. I don't understand why they're not. No, I was like, I was there for pics. I was like, I was like, you know what would be nice is if they kept this team together because it's actually pretty good, but instead of course they immediately trade herder and herder. And then one day I'll get traded to is he that guy was already on a different team. Maybe I'm sorry. Well, that was technically the trade. I pretty sure. I'm so broken mentally, trying to break all this stuff down. No, no. His name's Josh. That's all. Legend. So I guess bad guy in a link later. Okay. Who won this trade? We'll just start there. Who won this trade Roman? I think it's this mers, even again I'm coming back on the side of pick fetishists. If the hawks, I think that's just what you are. That's what I think. I think if the hawks at you are if the hawks had kept herder, I'd feel better about it for Atlanta, but it's obvious that they're like, we need to move off long-term salary. They're probably going to give Dijon to a huge contract. Again, two years. In two years, in two years. For another two years. True..

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