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Great game last i remember the stats i i went on i watch some of the highlights the guy was ridiculous he scored 2 points he had a bunch of rebound rebounded had some assists it was like nine six five body had like three or four blocks in three or four steals he's is a force of nature ben simmons i think donovan mitchell's in the conversation for the reasons adam just walk you through this is the first rookie to lead his team in scoring on a 10game win streak since on but a butcher it banned radio host bill i not karim might be doctor jay totally but it's there is a great get off ever just taking their word for it rather than you what he is i mean mitchell's bill lestari's minutes does been kind of quiet i think he should absolutely be in the rookie of the year conversation and at the jazz it's an f but it they squeak into the playoffs if they make the postseason quin snyder has to be a coach of the year candidate just like eric's bolster very deservedly so was coal if i remember correctly which i may not based on this in my village about this at my my memory but as walter i think was co go to the your last year with d'antoni quin snyder in the mitchell great success stories people aren't paying enough attention to bill lighters five things you need to know lawns cbs sports radio 's later than you i mean that's a that's a really interesting team to watch and the other thing i'll say is to get another win losing rodney hood that that's a that's a loss man i mean that's a team that obviously they lose gordon hayward last year i i.

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