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Ruin a hey crystal because you chat from. Hey kirk chat room member of the week on. Yes shahi johnson just popped in nearly rate just popped in. Hey natalie good morning shutout to audrey johnson. Hey audrey good morning to you. Tim harriett is here. Hey him the whole. Costa rica think i know salat going on with that please if you want. You want to be involved in this. We need all the money we need to. Every dime of. There's over five hundred people. We head down to costa rico. Twenty six th through the twenty seventh of july. Come on we all just have all your money. let's go to costa rico guy barbie. Yeah who else we have here. Danielle williams is here. Hey then yell good morning to you to kota or kota dakota codes. Yep she's in the building shutout to rail mississippi holler. Hey rail good morning. Yoga nut is in the building. What's up good morning to you. Shut out to Angel johnson and thank you for calling in and telling your story or story. Thank you appreciate your. Thank you w. M. dixon is here. Hey cousin good morning to you. Guys could guide. Oh yeah my cousin. He's he's hilarious. This guy that's a good idea. My male cousins are really cool. Family i do. I have hundreds of cousins. Believe it or not yet a whole lot of us. Let's say there was no condom use over there in the seventy s not a nail one not a net not a nasa one then that net net serano is here. Hey girl and here's your t. There you go darling. Shutout to sonia yoga mourn into you bernice lady be queen beat in the building. Hey bernie's thank you for tuning. Because i believe you are new. We appreciate you watching. Please let us know. How did you hear about the show. And please share this show not gonna lead was showing our smashed bernie's backing abdullah burnt premisses. Were gone now. She's what bernice neutral room. I want to say god. Bless you and welcome to the rumor lynette. Can you can you welcome her. sale live longer. I didn't think there was another bernice out there. But evidently there is in bobby back in the bronx and back in the eighties in the north bronx of mandatory bernice smashed move for an s. o. School name me tell you something board at bernie's i don't know about this bernice bernie's boy she socked to me. Do you know any bertha's don't name. I would have changed my mother bertha so bernita wants to the group what back memories young lady lease gas. How many bernie's is left. She's the only one thought that that thought they were all gone. There's one bernie's left live longer. Because i thought she was gone at that she was done. Bernice was had clerides. Lady be queen. Bee bernice lady queen. Bee long lady valerie. Tom as hey valerie. Good morning to you. A new name is three twenty. One twenty one show. Hey joe's good boarding this shore. However you queen diana's hey y'all say good morning to quing and she's in the building shots allen swab mcallister hague allen. Good model you there. Border-free ninety nine lesley is here. Good morning deborrah. Depauw calling in what's going on now. How you feeling The poorer calling was was happening. Let let us know teen graham. Says she has two cousins named bernice. Oh so bernice. Guess what we have breaking knows. A couple of nafta has to of bernice is out there via tina graham godmother comedy so now. This be proactive. Started bernice group bernice. You're not by yourself. Oh let's get all of her nieces together. And if tina knows bernice they have to come from only two places on this earth newark new jersey orangeburg south carolina continuing. I'm gonna go with south. Carolina be tons of ernie's in north carolina and south carolina hometown. Just gotta be. Some bernice is in. The carolinas apprentice casks good morning. Mr robinson hello. Print is the beautiful. Tina graham the godmother of of combat and quality godmother of comedy. Hey ms quality to that too. yeah. I can't wait to see you here in east streets ten you coming back outside has been outside this great. You haven't seen it but she'd been outside you're gonna shows we've into s. She's been our sabbath. Has she been at the comedy shows. Cena reply in a chat room. But if you don't mind police have you been to any of the comedy shows as well one for you or he's scared. Let me know tina. Have you been vaccinated the street question. Have you been to the comedy show shows. Are you scared to come outside. And have you been just call. It should make a love is here. Hey should make a go more right. Brian decides the terribles in the building. You must be out of facebook jay. O'brien from on. He always say that. And i say you. You always tell the i lie. John cochran is here. Hey john good morning to you. Just fry the fare ready out. Where on that radio. Show may wilson is here. Hey girl good morning god. Blessed marcus one emoji. Johnson is in the building speaking. No-show may showing did you. Did you get invite show or show. She's part of your. We're gonna talk about that when we come back. I was like oh okay. We gotta talk about the shimane hon. A few folks at doing some events out here in leave valley and we're gonna announce some of their events. You did it right. They paid for it and they want to promote their. Yeah yeah they did it right. This done folks come to mutual. Can you do this. Can you do that and do a lot. I do a lot but bills got to be paid may have to be paid. I will do indiana i am. I am honored in the poconos to this day. For my service. Yeah get it all the time. I pay her a group because they they understand it. They paid for it. So i'm going to promote something when we come back an event for them. So what i'm saying. Thank you and and black folks in the white folks. Everybody guess this is business car. Advertising comedian. I don't know i'm a businessman businessman. I i've been working on my own thirteen years on my taxes. I pay myself. I do everything. I don't think that i got to sit to human. I'm kinda idiot. i'm a grown ass man. So she knows how to do this. I applaud her and she comes to the comedy shipping. Aj johnson y'all komo nova aj. Jonathan i knew eight dollar jobs going out like she said he went to a comedy show in raleigh north carolina. Sunday who tina. She's gonna call taking you. That pitches calling wanna know what void five seven zero. ninety two. step up our there. I used to get high always always came short. Bobby continue.

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