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Things better for inspiring and then for himself and he's a hustler. Some of the kinds of basically is you know his reputation What he went for. And all that. But you know he he's. He's done everything that he said he's GonNa do as far as we don't have no contract. This is all just on head state. You know I wanNa do this for you too. Nice you gotta learn. Alas with the conversation me I learned a lot from to obsolete. We have prices all right. We got a king. I'm meaning Essex says as the fighting prod of LAS cruces New Mexico. What keeps you going? And why my love for the sport straight up? I love the game and I'm not ready to be done yet. Physically mentally or emotionally. You know what I'm saying. That's that's my biggest thing and you know I want to show my family's what a comeback is. My kids are older now. They've looking to emulate. Hey what you gonNA do pop fight. What always always fame as good motivation. And I'm behind it man. I want you to get my baby to watch okay. We Got Boston. Jared says you're one of the few fighters who has shared ring with both Jamal and Jamil. No excuse me Jamaal Charles and canal hours. Who would you favor in a match up between the two of them and Andrei Dmitri Dmitry? Sanjay respectfully say the Andre is the best one out of all of them. It's Andre we get more activity and think he'd be unstoppable He's got the skill in power for all of them Why would be my pick? And he'd probably be underdog Tuesday. I would put my money on Andrei. Mattie ice says after being in the original. Excuse me what's up jam. After being in the ring with both Charles Twins. Who Do you think was the better fighter? So the better fighter. I feel like it was Jamal but the most explosive right hand was with Jim. Out that makes sense like Jamaa. He was Outbox them both but Jamal was the better fighter Djamil. He was The points last swan is from actually got to see a earthquake. Says what's your favorite fights. Watch as a boxing fan and why Recently late that's been fortified was fired. Okay I like going back and watch and things like that but you know I watch all especially in this Kobe time. You're watching all kinds of fights. No reason king born with the last one says can boy. Mr No doubt trout was good chance. Would you take a fight in the future? Against hundred and forty seven pound youngun drawn boots ns or Virgil Ortiz ethic. Knock out Terence Crawford win. Y'ALL KNOCKOUTS CRAWFORD WHEN? Ya Do fight piece so I guess the only one you need to answer is virtually right. You already said you would fight Crawford in right now and and Yep I'll fight Ortiz tunes like I said if it gets me to where I need to be you know. Those are very high. Risk fights rewarded. Can't you call Robert De as yourself? I mean I would I would just fall Grad solomon-like you don't I mean if you offer to fight Ortiz. I think they would jump at you know like that. He needs the name like they probably would probably would. Let's make sure that reward some working like what do I get apt up even Ortiz well? He's highly ranked in the WWL. He's he's got he's got a WBA gold and he's highly ranked in a in a in a WB. Oh so you probably would get Crawford bodies than bet. That's the way to go. That's the way to go. But Austin man we WanNa thank you obviously for your time. We got Chris Algieria next so I'm going to tell them you said to contact you for head coach and if you can't please give social media if anybody not following you can do so bottoming at no doubt and now finally where you cut out trout. No so really quick verdict. Thank you man. Love you brother. Listen Virgil is number two in. Wbo Donald Gaza's number one in the WPA. But then you got in with the regular title. Then you've got back out so now if you ain't is probably the better around the GO-TO IBS. They ain't got no names. You could jump a lot of people like I mean their names but you are way bigger name like they've got shaw important number ten like Sebastian. For mellows nine. Mckell zoo ski used to top. Rank is a is a lot of people you could jump on them on the rankings on our IBS like the way to go. Let's Sergei Sergei Short compared to you. Right lipping yeah. That's all I need. Allston hope when I see you got a new phone. I can't hear nothing. You say. We under the water where he wears. Scuba Data Jack. We'll be all I need quarter to know. You know that the man I don't know we gotta get you on the phone with somebody. That's a fight today. Should be one. They wanted to fight back in the day. Exactly I'm game. You GotTa get a nice way people to take a series. That's what it is. We need a nice win so we think this thing serious man but we appreciate your time while. We're GONNA wrap it up and get Chris on. Thank you once again Austin We'll we'll get you back on soon at thank you thank you. They haven't ladies and Gentlemen Austin Trout. I'm really behind one hundred. Forty seven powered. You know comeback. Man I don't know about he up well with a lot of fighters you know. The hosts Seato Lopez. When we mentioned like I mean even him. Boehner would be cool. You know and it Kinda works out perfect. Because he's he's got this impact contract and You know deal he can get this next fight with somebody just to test the waters at one forty seven doesn't have to be like a super huge name and then he'll kind of like slowly fall into the mix. You know a promise you this I promise you often gets one to two wins under his belt at one forty seven and the calls are going to start. I promise yeah I agree I really agree He just needs that win. You know An WHO'S GONNA get? He said he can't even put a hostess. Seato Lopez on impact networks. So it's it's GonNa be a little bit. I guess difficult to make. He's GonNa have to take a risk you know he's going to have to take you know An Ns or something like that interesting man you know the Ns could that fight even be made over there on showtime you know how much is also GonNa want. 'cause you know money still part of this not definitely definitely but Yeah I was surprised to hear that You know can't get Alan the phone and I don't think it's about us. I think that what he said. You don't always been ghost lately. You know it's like already elusive enough. Then you throw in a pandemic and You know he's probably like I mean I just not that. I don't think he's still on his hustle. I'm sure he is. But you know the fighters like nobody's fighting so you know what I mean like everybody stay tuned. It's like the same message that everybody gets all the time man. You're so I'm trying to add Chris to the coal Chris's there. Oh Perfect Christopher Algerie how are you brother? Thank you for taking the time to come on the show. We truly appreciate it. How are you down making out and all this? We're good better than others. Yes staying home and staying safe. Definitely men This is only kind of I it's kind of what we do anyway on a day to day basis right so it just made the job easier more fighters and promoters have gotten hit to zoom and skype and things. So it's made the job easier but how was Cova treating you honestly? I can't complain as much as as many other people anytime I kind of think about this situation and I think about where I'm at. I can't be that bad. You know I'm I'm not like a lot of people in this country that are that are really struggling through all this but other than that you know. Just it's it's it's been the new normal for a bit but I feel like things are lifting. I'm down here in south Florida. It's been pretty easy down here. It's not it's not like New York. New York was getting pretty bad. News still pretty bad but down here is really spread out easy. Go outside Things are starting to open up actually this week so seems like it's getting closer to normal than it was now. Have you been able to like train or keep up with Any sort of fizzle physical activity and if so walk us through it. Oh yeah absolutely. I've been I've I've stayed actually very active and I'm able to keep up with my my training buying throughout the week. I haven't been able to spar I haven't been able to to get in any midst with anybody until very recently the first probably six weeks. I was stayed pretty pretty. Pretty self quarantined like I was really adamant about staying home and doing everything that I could while home. I have some pretty good equipment at my my condo down here so and some space shadow box every day running the lord of the weather's great so I could run a lot Couldn't lift a really any any heavyweights. Because I don't have that kind of heavy stuff. I got like a fifty five pound kettle to be a for the heaviest but But even recently I've been able to actually get in with with my strength coach and able to work on some some other things so I've actually been pretty active especially in the in the In the in the physical fitness situation. So Chris we just had Austin trout on. Who's making his move down. You were at forty seven. You went down to forty and you've had three fights he's trying to go from fifty four to forty seven and his last fight. He weighed being one. Forty eight point something forty-nine maybe he did say for you to contact them For the Diet Plan. Because he's he. He respects that you were able to go up and down so easily but yeah what do you think of Austin Trout? Is it too late at thirty? Four to forty seven as a strengthen I mean not in strength. Conditioning goes but as a nutritionist. Do you see that as healthy. For someone at his age to do in compete competitively because he he wants shots versus the big guys at forty-seven first of all. I'm a big Fan of Austin trout. Really good to see him Making moves like that and and really going for big fights but in terms of his age and it being healthy. Absolutely as long as it's on the right way I went back down from two to one forty at the age of thirty four same age as him and I'm thirty six now. I'm still making forty no problem. So it depends on on his body type and that's something that literally. I could just put some some calculation to it and figure out how we can make it or if he can make it but you made forty niners last fight you know. That's that's right there and I'm sure that a little bit of tweaking here and there especially if you have enough time. He can make the weight healthily. Now if you don't mind answering this question and if you don't want answer at the maybe just tell us like well I'll just ask you What what are you walking around at right now? How how easy is it at this point for you to Make one forty And you know stay maintaining that kind of weight that you don't have to drop so so much between fights so in terms of is it easy. It's never easy making never easiest fishy at the higher levels especially at the elite level. Everybody's big everybody costs a lot of waiter but he is. They're big guys. You see forty seven hundred seen on TV. Compared to normal people way at one forty seven completely. Different thing But in terms of where I walk around and where I want my athletes to walk around. I think if you're within ten percent of your way class so for me I find at one forty so ten percent of that would be at fourteen pounds right so one fifty four around the mid fifties is where I feel most comfortable to where I'm within striking range to make that way and in a few weeks if necessary one of our patriots had axed Allston keeps him fighting at this age and I want to ask you the same thing and not that..

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