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Team in North Texas. The most reports to help get you into work or school and back home extensive traffic coverage and breaking alerts anytime there needed that way, you can focus on driving. And of course, we all know the weather can change quickly. You can depend on KRLD for extensive coverage to help keep you safe. Thanks again for listening and be sure to like, the KRLD Facebook page for news, traffic, and weather. Anytime. Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Three thirty eight and we've still got big backups on seventy five central heading south to downtown. Dallas wreck in the left lane is going to cars, they very big type which now stretches back from about Park Lane. Arlington. Eastbound I twenty vehicle up on the record that was an overturned accident. So it's taken a while to clear out, but it's at little road or rather Kelly Elliott, and the the lanes are blocked to the left. We've got just that far right lane getting through at this point. And it's backed up into forest hill. So I would imagine even if this clears here in the next few minutes, we're still going to see a lot of unwind coming over from Forest Hills. So we'll take some time to get through that easily bay twenty south from MLK twenty-seven lot of traffic there because of the same problem. We did get a call from Ken on the traffic tip line. And he was having trouble getting onto three sixty from the construction around division. So you just want to be aware that if you're trying to head south on Watson road, the service road of three sixty trying to get onto three sixty you're going to run into backup as far back as Randall mill just about so something to think about. Out there. As far as the main lanes were moving just fine for my thirty all the way down into grand prairie, Julian Rogers next report at three forty eight. And breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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