Governor Ducey, Arizona, Congressman Greg Stanton discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Check your 4._0._1._K right now. All eyes on Wall Street today after yesterday's big losses. We'll get to that. But first governor Ducey getting fed up with the lack of solutions to our immigration crisis. Onside wants to pretend as if there's no issue at the border. It's our top story. And here's Jamie west. Arizona's immigration crisis hundreds of Central American migrants, continued to pour into the US to Arizona southern border. And governor Ducey says it's time for congress to do its job and secure it. Let's go live to KTAR. Jim cross for the story. Jamie. Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey is speaking with KTAR's MAC and Gaydos about migrants seeking asylum is family units didn't say whether he was for or against DNA testing for the family units. But says those using what DHS homo security calls recycled children to get into the country are not asylum-seekers. They're human traffic people shouldn't be taken their life savings and getting with these human traffickers who are really exploiting people that are very vulnerable and other concern the oncoming summer hate across the southern Arizona desert when the border patrol humanitarian agencies nonprofits are already at a breaking point live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. Congressman Greg Stanton says those who immigrated to the US as children deserve to stay and contribute to the valley's economic strength. He hopes congress won't play games with his new Bill that would grant many of them citizenship. Young people who benefit from it shouldn't be used as pawns for other political things that people want to achieve. Let's do right by our economy, our young people, and let's pass promise act. The Senate for American. Progress reports dreamer and DACA households in Maricopa County, pay three hundred seventy eight million dollars in taxes every year. It's five thirty two. We check your traffic.

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