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Winner will be featured an overdrive magazine and on red eye radio the deadline for submission is may first one eighteen so sure to get your video recorded and then visit trucker talent search dot com to enter you've been singing your campy yourself long enough it's time to let the world hear us online professional drivers your favorite magazines are now on stands and ready for you to read cover to cover trucker's connection offers great jobs entertainment and industry news each month job opportunities for owner operators is easy to spot with a hot ride on the cover and the best career options for truck owners inside find trucker's connection and job opportunities free at petro's travelcenters of america wilko's and other truck stops nationwide trucker's connection and job opportunities for owner operators where searching for greener grass just got easier we're here in this fine imported china shop where amazing alan will attempt to carry a valuable t setting across this newly waxed floor while wearing large wool socks how much is being base worth more than we're paying you allen we're illustrating that it is impossible for man to make it to heaven on his own okay take one and action as has illustrating a lot of people assume they are good and therefore god will let them into heaven this is no problem but we all have one thing that comes between us and god our sin nature okay let the ball loose the ball what what what what who says if we broken one loss we've broken the mall good point ellen that's why jesus died to pay the penalty for our sin we cannot be right with god without jesus another message from lifeline productions the comic strip of radio and lifeline pro dot com hey this is bob all thanks for listening to plugged in right you guys to saying we invited you to watch in the movie pitch perfect three which is now at on video the barden bellas have all moved on from college in singing competitions to.

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