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Or like or sneakers up poopie bill would be that's where like people like you and i would live yes it's it's humorous shaft town so there's different places always some kind of funding name but they just went straight for its calling the gave villa so you can never be surprised right because he always appraises ideally what you gotta always planned my birthday my say absolutely so because of that a lot of folks speculate that it was sorta like bad guys be bygones don't investigate too much well it kind of falls into that we're seeing that show yeah we don't really know what happened we know that it was it started off with the bunch of missing what seems to be either either middle eastern men between the mostly middle eastern men that were went missing from this town most times like what it seems like which is coming out is at the toronto police for the most part used the excuse of they must have left town which is what they also did with robert pickton where they said there the girls has left town it's just like they had jobs i just love the police department being like what's the easiest answer for us not the most plausible we'll say they left town we have come to the conclusion that it is in fact slender man so the ages of these folks it goes from people as young as thirty seven to his old as fifty nine so that's a pretty large range there it's also a type of victim that we don't see quite a bit on man full grown man's to do so how it kind of went it seemed to be is that well bruce was married with with a husband wife and he had kids up into the early nineties live with them and essentially he was doing pretty well he was a sock salesman for a while until he got sales also called himself on his grinder sales no yes would go wow name was a silver fox toronto on the website man jam which is to check that out my problem with the term man jam as it seems to be like what i leave behind on.

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