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Just going to meetings, but is protesting that the group. Because around that time something called amendment two was proposed in Colorado, the amendment bans or repeals any state or local law that protects homosexuals from discrimination. Up in Colorado. So we got ourselves pretty organized. I went to larimer county Republican convention thing on my God. Really? Oh, so you so you became something of an activist. I was a spokesman for the student. So you really found a home there? What I started waking up or being woke or whatever the term is. Start start eating too. I'm a lot more won't now than I was then. There was one problem though, living as a gay, man. I was at that time. Dana was not gay. They felt at home as a gay man, but they were mostly attracted to women and towards the end of college in their late thirties hurt school working in the fibers department. Doing my studio clashes woman. Winnie kept coming in watching me work. She got the Romi I got to know her. And we started dating we got married, really. And seven we got divorced. Yeah. Didn't work out. We both had issues we weren't dealing with Dana says this period of their life up through the marriage and through the end of it. It was very confusing. They're just trying to figure out where they stood and they were trying all these terms like. Also prayer. How did that idea?.

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