Adverse Reactions, Six Months discussed on NASACast Audio - International Space Station


See and find those countermeasures that happen last really intense i mean imagine get like landing on mars and you can't see anything had become a buzzkill travel sixty million miles and get out everything's blurry that yeah the the the wouldn't make me happy so i know light when a here's another thank when astronaut so astronaut now they're doing on the international space station pretty regularly they're doing longduration increments right so they're doing six months at a time yes uh so this is longer than any of shuttle missions allowed the mission's before it and it's it's all to practice for for emissions missions beyond a lowearth orbit but when they come back to earth right they generally right now they come back in a soyuz landing khazakstan and then we have recovery teams i go get them at but they have a hard time walking right when i when i get out some do it so that's that's part of again the the human body reacting to the different environments when when nash routes i get into space some will nausea some all have some adverse reactions to being a microgravity the same is true that when you're in microgravity furui long time and he come back down to earth hold the sudden there's this this huge weight pressing down on you though hasn't been there for the last six months or vr vr longeuro there there's year your inner ear goes crazy and like all the fluids pulling down again wherever either used to be no up and down but now the sudden there's definitely a down and so it it can be tough just to just a walk i mean we.

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