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But studies have shown that doctors have anti fat bias to in one survey of four hundred doctors. Almost twenty percent admitted that they disliked or were disgusted by obese patients. Studies have found. That patients are picking up on this. They're like yeah. I can tell and they tell researchers that doctors are crappy to them which makes them not wanna go in one person. We reached out to said that she was afraid to go to the doctor. Because of this we also hear stories of doctors being so focused on a patient's weight that they totally miss serious health problems like janet told us about this one woman named rebecca but initial symptom. That made her go to. The doctor was that she was having trouble. Breathing and several physicians attributed her difficulty breathing to her body mass index. They said you're obese. That's why he can't breathe. You need to lose some weight. Come back later. And in actuality rebecca had was lung cancer. That's really terrifying. It is okay. So where does this leave us. Well for people with higher beam is we do see an increase in some conditions like diabetes and some cancers and mobility problems but this is far from universal. Lots of fatter people are perfectly healthy. And of course some skinnier people are unhealthy. A few scientists told me that it's best to think of a high bmi as just one risk factor not the be all end all generally though if we could wave a magic wand and make everyone on earth a normal bmi we probably would be healthier. The problem is harry potter has been canceled. There is no magic wand and weight. loss's super hard. In fact only something like one in five people who tries to lose weight can lose it and keep it off so given that it probably makes more sense to stop obsessing over the scale and pay more attention to our behaviors. but we're eating. And how much removing for example. One dutch study followed overweight and obese. People for fifteen years and found that those who got lots of exercise had no increased heart disease risk and a bunch of other studies find similar things. That healthy behaviors cut down lots of problems regardless bmi for me personally all this made me realize there was no reason to freak out when i crossed over into this overweight category. It's not like accidentally stumbled into the upside down the demagogue out to get me although it was disappointing to find out it probably wasn't all muscle but i'm happy with where i'm at now that science versus Hello hello ready. Freddy kennedy anyone calling. I can't foster keys. Are intern here at science versus and how many citations are in. This week's episode are a hundred and forty citations in this episode. Okay that's not too shabby if people wanna go and check them out Where should they go. They go to the transcript which is in our show notes. Thanks again thanks bye next week. We're looking at childbirth. Are doctors interfering too much. Is it over medicalized and would most of us be better off with no doctors around at all. She was just like in this euphoric trans. She was butt naked the entire time. It gives me chills thinking about it. This episode was produced by me. Rose remler with help from michelle. Dang the keti foster. Keys merrill horn and nick bell rose were edited by blythe terrell our executive producer is. Wendy's ackerman back checking by diane kelly. Mix and sound design by bumi hadaka music written by bumi hadaka peter leonard. Emma munger bobby lord thanks to all the researchers we got in touch with for this episode including dr michelle foster dr catherine legal professor dimply gallagher dr sarah tracy professor peter nelson professor james stubs. Dr jennifer kerns doctor. Fatima cody stanford professor mercedes. Karna thon dr jane. Winter dr haley. Banik professor francesco. Rubino doctor goyal professor david jacobs professor dale wagner doctor andrea bombeck. Dr cash martin's. Dr rishi kelly chetty and others and special things to diana up hong and lila buyers. Cnn signed actually. Think this tessie soundtrack was going to scare me off. He was hiding something. The whole reality of our situation became clear. We were gonna die out there. Gimblett and craters the the hit podcast. Homecoming and sandra comes the final chapters richard brown winters starring daryl gibson. Bobby volley catherine keener parker posey. Sam waterston with music by alexa following. Listen for free only on spotify. You don't have to use facebook to be in a society that's been shaped by it. Facebook knows how much shaping society in fact it's been documenting. it and a new wall street journal. Investigation is reviewed an array of internal documents. The documents have names like understanding the intersection between criminal organizations in human trafficking. There's teen girl's body image another is called coordinated social harm documents. Give us an unparalleled view of how facebook operates the reveal that facebook has told the public often. Isn't the full story. In fact they show. Facebook knows it's causing harm but in most cases the company hasn't taken significant steps to stop it. There was an element of my god. Put that down on paper. This is the facebook files an investigative series from the journal. Find it in the journal. Podcast feed on spotify..

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