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Got this hi all that I was talking about ready to roll here just a moment and it's just a roundup of some of the events some of the incidents that have occurred involving protesters around the country and some of these I guarantee that some of you have not heard yet welcome back to flip eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine do you agree or disagree with trump I completely agree with trump and his dressing down of some of the governors not taking strong enough action when you're dealing with felonious bugs when you're dealing with criminals that are just out to destroy and burn you must meet them with overwhelming force is not the time to say all we don't want the police to be too harsh because we're all in this situation because the police were too harsh on George Floyd yes what was done to George Floyd in Minneapolis was freakin excusable and the lead actor this schaffen he is going down there's no doubt about it he is on suicide watch they moved him out of the county's being house somewhere else his wife is left them that's a whole different story we can get into that later on what he did to George Floyd was inexcusable but what's going on with opportunists fear is B. the inexcusable with the destruction that's occurring in cities and towns across the country as I pointed out I've kinda busted this up into three different factions you will have the peaceful protesters that's the bulk of the bulk of the individuals across the country that are protesting or doing so peacefully then you have the outside agitators and the inside agitators there was some clarification up in the Minneapolis area in Saint Paul specifically which I'll get to in just a bit so you have the outside and inside agitators and they're just trying to destroy they don't give a flying for a good about George Floyd they're using this as a conveyor belt as an escalator as a vehicle just to be Hey eve in felonious bug like fashion so that's the second group and then you have the third group or the opportunist looters and vandals so some of these are not part of the the lows forty or in some cases maybe better organize them we understand groups you have the tagalongs but you have the loners that will just run in and steal and they're opportunists but you also will have some opportunities that will participate in some of the destruction as well those are the three delineations the peaceful the outside inside agitators just trying to destroy and then the opportunist looters and vandals better not part of the so called organized effort and as I mentioned earlier on the program there is communication and I'm sure that's a good intelligence department inside a state and local law enforcement have somewhat of a handle certainly the fans operate and they monitor this stuff twenty four seven even without riots and what's going on around the country they look into the dark web they look into these channels of communication but there's no doubt about it that there is communication in many of these cities among these groups and there are scouts they are being used to find areas that are not under police protection and they'll call those locations out and they'll get their groups to go to these areas where there are no cops in sight to go ahead and destroy and burn and vandalize it cetera so that's what's going on on the police radios in many locations are cops will use the term air mail you know what that means we've got air mail airmail is what the police use as the terminology for stuff is getting chucked at them whether it's bricks whether it's bottles whether it's Molotov cocktails whatever so the cops referred to things that are being thrown at them as air mail and I think it's pretty self explanatory on why they're calling it air mail have you ever seen so much of the F. word written out on television in the entire history of my life I have never seen F. you and then of course the rest of it I've never seen that on television more than I've seen it with the news coverage on fox news CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS the imagery as I cruise the internet's I have never seen the F. bomb so much in written form spray painted everywhere on buildings on police cars on storefronts on monuments on statues you main streets and sidewalks and what you're seeing with his F. bomb in a lot of cases is the F. word written out and then twelve what does F. twelve mean anybody curious well twelve is slang for police and there a couple of other but well there are a couple reasons I'm on Y. twelve is there a couple of story lines on that which I can tell you but if you've been watching plenty of TV and you see the F. word spray painted and it says twelve so F. twelve twelve refers to the pope Paul refers to the police and according to your various sources the twelve apparently has some specific meaning to the D. E. A. the a unit or some type of terminology with twelve refers to the drug enforcement agency or even a local narcotics squad for your local police department being called the twelve so that's one of the reasons then of course you have the obvious Adam twelve the T. V. show some suggest that the the the twelve for police might come from the TV show Adam twelve back in the day you have a song lyrics for instance summer suggesting that the twelve might have started in Atlanta or possibly Oakland California I don't know that for sure but the twelve has been used in some hip hop songs for instance a song by a hip hop artist out of Atlanta Migos M. I. G. O. S. M. one of their songs they've got the F. twelve and the lyrics are throw that S. bomb throw that S. bomb twelve outside and what that means is for roll your drugs away because the cops or the D. E. A. are coming inside to get rid of your drugs there's also a suggestion that the twelve might refer to twelve on a jury I think that's less likely anyway the twelve refers to the police only C. F. and then twelve it means F. the police essentially also you might see F. twelve F. you and the rest of the word and then twelve but you might also see one three one two four eight cab AC A. B. one three one two and a C. A. B. if M. if anybody said to you what does one three one two and a cab A. C. A. B. one of those have in common well aid cab is a term for all cops are **** A. all see cops A. R. N. B. for **** and then the one three one two that's just the numbers substituting the letters of the alphabet so one being eighty three being C. A. being one and then to being be the positions in the alphabet numerically and that's where the one three one two comes from so if you're seeing all the spray paint all over the place for signs being held up that's the origin all of that looking at the stuff you're learning here from air mail to F. twelve it's center if you want to weigh in on the president by the way I love to take your phone calls coming up in just a bit eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine do you agree with trump yelling at the governors do you think the president should does say the governor's get your Flippen acts together and let's get some force out there I cannot disagree with trump you can not let the anarchy you cannot let the destruction going on in these cities the governors the mayors city officials they've got a use heavy duty force and I don't know whether it was just a tepid behavior situation where they didn't wanna potentially instigate that the police were already under fire you can't let these thugs destroyed your town's do you agree with the president or do you disagree with the president I fully agree with trump on telling these governors that they have got to get much more forceful and quit looking like weaklings in dealing with these monsters eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine is the nationwide number here on Schmidt before I go to calls I want to go through my pile as I've discussed on some of the interesting elements some of the arrests some of the interactions a man was fatally shot by Kentucky authorities during a protest Ian not low level so the man who was fatally shot early this morning in Kentucky a current law enforcement tried to break up a very large ground the local police and National Guard soldiers responded this was just after midnight this is that a supermarket parking lot where there was a a big crowd gathered this was reported by W. L. K. Y. T. V. Anil cop the National Guard soldiers they start breaking up the crowd when somebody opened fire law enforcement they shot back that is an absolute justification for deadly force of somebody opened fire toward the police the police have all the right if they can locate that source the fire back and one person was killed the last I saw it was unclear if the victim was the person who fired at law enforcement but certainly that would be justified deadly force if cops were fired upon and I know that numerous sub people of interest were being interviewed in connection with the the shooting also can you see if there's any update because I'm I'm I found this earlier today and the obvious I can't keep track of every story and new developments see there's anything new on the fatal shooting by authorities in little and I'll give you an update on that in just a bit in Seattle there's a video circulating and cops are accused of masing a trial during one of the George Floyd protests and this is a crowd that was getting out of control and police were using a certain tactics including pepper spray or mace can I ask a question I saw the video I will get the video up on the website upon Schmidt show dot com what the hell is a parent doing bringing a seven or eight year old kid that's my estimation of the age of this little girl what the hell are you doing bring a seven or eight year old little girl to a protest we don't know what the hell's going to happen so Seattle police officer was accused amazing this kid over the weekend so there is an investigation why are the bigger question is why you bring your kid the to one of these protests that is S. ally that's like child endangerment she's going to be arrested for that forget about writing or potentially a disorderly conduct about Chubb child endangerment for crying out loud yeah we'll get that story and we'll get the video up on the website we've got another item we've got a a protester who lost an eye I ball taken out by police tear gas canister it was a twenty one year old protester and this happened in fort Wayne according to WFXT in fort Wayne Indiana twenty one year old protester lost his right eye he was struck by a tear gas canister in demonstrations in fort Wayne Beilin break he's enrolled at Indiana tech said that he ran when cops ordered the crowd to disperse over the weekend on Saturday at the fort Wayne protest but officers started the point tear gas one of the canisters hit issue he then turned around to see what happened in the second can hit him in the face and it it took out a sign he lost his right eye he saw the canister hit the ground after hit him according to his mother he was rushed to the hospital they were unable to save his life and this this kid the twenty one year old young man said that he absolutely did not pick up the cayenne noting that he was wearing gloves he said the canisters are hot as hell I would not try to pick one up with my bare hands and he said that his injury list of others he said that his injury losing I was just quote small collateral for the battle were fighting if you're not going to use your white privilege to advocate for your fellow people that it's just wrong he said so he said it's okay that he lost his life that's just insane I I just scratch the surface I get the tanker truck the fed ex truck the Baltimore cop situation the Florida guy the cheesecake factory this is not a ton of these stories you got here coming up in just a bit let me grab a couple calls here in our number two will grab candy is next on Schmidt hi Kenny welcome to the program Hey target talking again isn't you know all about twelve thirty talk about twelve and twelve yes I used to be a correction and you know you tend to you know ten for every stuff like that will be held yep and actually considered official visitor anytime any other officer came to a dorm or you had a chance to come you would say ten twelve let them know that you're there well that's where it kind of started in prison inmates are learning that we were saying that and they would say twelve just let people know Hey announcer so somebody's coming well I started from that's good so we'll add that to the list so because there are other plausible ways as well but that is great information canning and I thank you very much Chazon Colorado out in Vail hello Chas euron Schmidt welcome Hey Todd good afternoon Hey you know years I'd heard about these you know professional protesters not was really are skeptical about the whole situation veterans made up until several years ago I helped some young man to convert his truck to run on vegetable oil and then here was two years ago I'm working in a local establishment in the R. C. it comes up to me asking me about my name blah blah blah he said are you help my son do this truck I think yeah I think so what you doing these days well he kept hesitating you know put me off wouldn't tell me what his son was doing until like three or four times a day so what your son doing well he's a community organizer and I said what is that he said well he's really paid protester what they do is they pay these are all prime guy he's like I've got I've got to take a hard break here I want to get the rest of the story stand by back in.

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