Alanthea, Real Time discussed on The Internet of Things IoT Show with Bruce Sinclair - RR 22: To be or not to be a Data Hoarder


We can't even begin to figure out if we can answer that problem with any of the data if if it's not retain mm switch your advice than the the advice is to uh there there's a couple of things we can do today one is up to to the point we we've talked about earlier even with all the day that we have it's difficult to to analyze that no it's really if you have to take a step wise process you absolutely do have to say there are certain problems i wanna solve let's make sure we can solve these problems with our architecture an adjusted otherwise uh one of the things that i'm seeing a which happens to have a lot to do with where where i work now prediction is a we're seeing a class of problems that have a lot of difficulty being solved down on the edge because we simply can't perform the analytics less so that the stories of the data so i events that the next step so you do i i'm a very practical technologist in in a marketing person i i i like the idea of uh technology applied to a problem that can be solved in a cost effective way about suggesting everybody go try to to figure out how to get you know a large database on on an internet gateway that has the processing power of a you know nineteen ninety six any as an app on it'll happen someday but we have to get these disorders associated with it so be pragmatic with the problems you wanna solve figure out the things that you can solve with data that you have today but don't necessarily lock yourself into an architecture that doesn't allow you the flexibility to perform the legs out on the as for the problem solving today and provides a pathway to be able to do more on the ads from both that the data collection of data analysis along with the the real time aspects out performing the analytics alanthea's that helps you take action on things in real time.

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