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Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hilary Howard. Our top local story is the fact that he's getting pretty messy. Outside rain. Snow and sleet are hitting the region and it is the first of two rounds of wintry weather to round out the work week. Let's kick it over to storm team force. Mike Standiford, who joins us live with the latest Mike Henry temperatures down to 33, now at Dulles Airport, also in Manassas, understand a 32 and Winchester. If you're on Route seven west of Leesburg is you get us some of the higher elevations Special on the Appalachian Trail. Watch out. Temperatures here have fallen to freezing. I think we're going to start to see some slick spots is we've got this modern precipitation. Many of the former snow and sleet now spreading in from the West. And and now it's developing the route to 70 cord or two or so things will get kind of slick here of the next couple of hours back just couple of minutes with your complete forecast. All right, thanks, Mike 504. Now because of the weather words hearing from some school districts about what they're doing tonight, Louden County Public schools have canceled all evening activities on their campuses, Schools and administrative offices are closing at seven this evening. Funkier County public schools have also canceled their activities tonight. We have yet to hear from any school district's about tomorrow, but any time we have poor weather, you can get a list of delays and closings at w t o p dot com 504. Our other big story is historic White's ferry, which stopped shuttling drivers across the Potomac between Louden and Montgomery County's late last year. And it's still dot That's because of a legal battle over the easement where it lands in Virginia. That battle is stalled, and transportation planners say it could affect how they approach.

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