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Days sing along Dave Dudley's version of that song four seven many who have covered in sand be among them but very popular song in the trucking business for decades now yeah we got Mister motor co to live in a Friday night into Saturday morning with us here at America's trucking network twenty one past the hour and then let's get a rock in and that'll be Steve first up was he might get Steve up state hello how are you all right Sir how are you today great Ronald Reagan highway there's so seventy five yes Sir and they all the lawyer I'm gonna take a shot at the at the category and then I want to ask the question about the product I know the product can be used as a against an oil well and if I'm not mistaken correct well well the the the Hyperloop brigade is is an oil additive basically and that but that we do have a gas additive also the fuel optimizer or the low sulfur look who is this a similar product two maybe the sea foam product is it more no with that no the she would be the major well the phone was basically more alcohol based no we are not true motor coaches extraction remover reducer the phone was more and more of a cleaner okay but that motor co doesn't clean it does but the it's really it's really a friction reducer it's not a a clear we have we have a product it is like to see home product also okay so you wouldn't necessarily use that product in place for of another they would be used in conjunction with each other possibly you can but most of the Merkel doesn't mix with any of the liquid it uses the Kerrier so people often mixed different plants together I got okay okay a good product yeah the first thing that came to my mind was either cartoons or animated thanks I don't know I'm in the ballpark hi what characters a group we all grew up with of course cartoons well I that was the first thing that came to my mind this is gonna be cartoon trivia night the first time ever WLW now what who are we talking about because you read read the Kirby a question and who is well very specific answer to the to the no no that was the category real star was just cartoons with the questions that are coming are specific the first thing he wanted to cancel the category of no we wrapping tonight okay I got as you can see like Charlie Brown Lucy and all those characters they've been in the funny papers for years they still are they may move cartoons correct in a meeting don't you cartoons is like so passe is not even politically correct you got a column animated characters now well well I I well I'll tell you what you were taking your answer is the correct one and leave it yeah it sounds like you haven't used motor co before I have not but I'm looking forward to use it okay when I get fifty percent off so so you get well I appreciate that very much Joe shopping at the website and apply I most certainly will apply the code when we give it to you through your email I'm gonna put you on hold we get that email address here shortly and I give it a try and tell us what you think we would love nothing more than to get some feedback from you take it down I appreciated very much and I hold you know now that now hold on that was going to be getting to John and Bruce and another Steven Kentucky bloom you'll in Ohio and again and we kind of blow the fuse on our phone system normally we tell you that you can call one triple eight eight six oh eight seven eight five been telling me that for years toll free telephone number all across the continental United States unfortunately that line is sustained some technical difficulties and we're working on it we cannot use that line tonight that's all so if you wanted to.

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