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Feel the same way that we do. Unlike the first day of demonstrations, the second overwhelmingly drew protesters of the court's decision. Outside the Supreme Court dick giuliano WTO news. Two people were arrested at Saturday's protest, capitol police say they were arrested for throwing paint over the fence by the court. D.C. police have charged a man who spent about 30 hours protesting on the Frederick Douglas bridge, Lisa charged him with unlawful entry, crowding, and not obeying the man climbed the bridge Friday morning and protest he says that the Supreme Court's decision to overturn roe versus wade, the bridge was closed during his protest. That same man used a chain in a bike lock to attach himself to the unscalable fence outside the high court earlier this month. It's ten O four. And in the wake of the high court's ruling, one Maryland county has banned any official business travel to certain states by its workers. It's the first shot in a war of the states involving the Supreme Court's decision to overturn roe V wade money. Montgomery county executive Mark elwood saying he won't send employees to conferences or events and places without reproductive rights protections. A memo from the county's chief administrative officer listing 25 states, including nearby Ohio and West Virginia. In Alabama, Florida and Georgia to the south. It says those states have shown a hostility to reproductive freedom. Goes on to say the county won't provide funding to their economies, saying they will make exceptions on a case by case basis. They'll watch WTO P news. In other news this morning, a ten O 5 gang members from two states could get more than ten years in prison after they were found guilty of trafficking a young girl. The 7 members of MS 13 were convicted in a federal court in Virginia Friday that 13 year old ran away from a youth home in fairfax in 2018. She then met these gang members who told her they would protect her and her family if she joined. For the next two months she was sold to numerous gang members and others for cash and drugs in both Maryland and Virginia. The 6 men and one woman also beat the young girl with a baseball bat over 50 times during that period. Those gang members will face a minimum of 15 years in prison after a sentencing hearing in November, they could also receive a life sentence. It appears the nationwide trend of stripping the names of confederate generals from buildings and roadways may be happening in our area. Acacia James has more on what fairfax county drivers are feeling about possibly changing names to numbers. The survey which had a small sample size found that the public prefers to just go with the road's numbers, so the new name for Lee highway named after Robert E. Lee would be route 29 and for Lee Jackson memorial highway named after Thomas Stonewall Jackson, the name would be route 50. I mean, I know this is a small sample set, but frankly people already refer to these by their route numbers today. So it would be a less dramatic change in terms of lifestyle marketing, the daily lives of people who live and work in these two corridors. What a supervisor's chairman Jeff bouquet, the new signage could cost the county anywhere between 1,000,004.2 $1 million. Acacia James WTO P news. Coming up after traffic and weather a police officer running for political office is accused of punching his political opponent. It's ten O 7. If you've tried antidepressants

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