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What ordered you? Apply Skin Care Products Enza. Okay It if you're using it don't cast any everyday anymore but you you know at least once a day every other day type thing Than a missed. I like Amiss because I'm older number dehydrated so where you would. Traditions essence may be an an eastern routine not new New York eastern as in forest. And then it's ice cream Sarah and then if you WANNA do moisturizer oil it always depends on where you are with makeup so I do oil underneath moisturizer because then my foundations. It's better if I'm going to bed I'll just put oil. Depends I prefer leaving moisturizer on top personally and we always say okay. We've told our readers or listeners raiders. Oil on top because if they're not a humectant kind of oil it depends on the oil. Obviously but it's just like a sealant an occlusive. Yeah so we thought after all of this though bear in mind this is why when I see these things and there's no definitive can cosmo. You can't say that because you don't know which because you don't what the product is so so it could be that you'll using like a squall oil that's really actually quite light and something this cool to serum like villainous daughter is an oil yes hold a series right you know so it Own Formula is king as keeps trying to get me to stay Queen Formulas Queen Okay. I'm not stress it enough. I prefer moisturizer on top because I want my skin to constantly be attracting acting moisture I will lead US hiring acid at some point in my routine behind him in any moisturizer so oh but and also it's more comfortable for an older woman to have skin that is freshly sort of crept and then going foundation on top afterwards or anything like that. So What drives me to distraction? My only complaint that I do step in and I always get tagged is when people say you. Put Your ice cream unless that drives me about the wall okay. Now uh-huh not to be dramatic brought up either on a gas it because he's got a lot of questions about that There's a lot of talk about. Is it really the holy grail of Moisture Ization. Is it not all all. It's cracked up to be some aestheticians believe you can develop a sensitivity to it. What's your take on H. A.? I don't think you develop a sensitivity to it. I think it depends on the Ph of the formula. So when I'm I'm retinoids as I would say when I'm using. It's benign on flaking. There are certain hiring Kassy's I can't use because they stink my skin because the PH is low is this isn't the quote unquote molecular weight of the the high around a gas. Not Really No. It's it's more about the formula so molecular weight You know all now. They're like we have multiple molecular weight. That you do need you so you need a multi waited one because you want a small one to penetrate You WanNA medium one to kind of help everything else penetrate and then when the canopy the canopy is when people say oh. It's only got one. Ask still going to do a good job because it goes on the skin and acts like a kind of like a circus tent and everything else can then go underneath. Changed your tune on a certain ingredient that you said. That's not good now. I think it is I'm less offended by Monroe loyal than I used to be. Okay I mean is completely anti but again this is because formulas change and now instead of just having like a big the reason is because it is not nice to message with you you get much by the message with a natural plant based oil. So there's there's nothing deep and like if you use mineral not designed to penetrate but mineral you know I've always said that memorial can be very good in an inclusive product for people who have like redness or his Asia and it's a product that a lot of people not sensitive to so you'll always find it like then yes full of manure oil but it's great for people sense skin so i. I'm less arguments about that right. Because in certain skin types and conditions it can be great. You want that Berry. Want that Barria But I'll tell you the reason this comes up. Moore's because in the urine Europe fighting fighting European facials we message in the USA. You like machines not not this one over here now. I should loves Olympia Addict. I'm talking about AESTHETICIANS I so he he mostly they're exceptions like Narrator Joy Jordan Samuel Rene Ruler. They're all hands on and don't do a lot of machinery whereas whereas you know There are other much more high tag on the radio frequency at some of the join of August so I have plenty of time for both but I always want myself John with you. What do you I think when you're talking about how in the US it's going more towards like the high tech stuff? What do you think we're missing by not leaning into the you know delicious massages and lymphatic drainage oh the connection with your client besides that though? Is there anything I mean. I'm not saying that it's not wonderful. Feeling haunt unless you do have a good thorough muscle. You don't get a feeling of where your client skin is at Thus just for me personally so okay. Marcy one of our listeners wants to get kind of deep. She says that one of the reasons reasons people respond to you is because you're not like this twenty year old like you know Lauda influence her But you talk about anti-aging allot but we also are working in unlike a world. That is quite ages especially in beauty yet. Have you felt that at all from your listeners. Or your no not from this news. I've mainly felt it from Well brands that were just never think sending me a certain Puerto which is absolutely fine appropriate. Don't want it you know it's it's more used by the younger influencers who try and dismissed me and and as a woman who's fifty. Do you ever feel offended when people call things. ANTI-AGING I don't eat ANTI-AGING I don't use the time in the book what I use the term too I I used us. I have a paragraph saying. Look you will see this word used. But it's used because this is what the industry calls until we find a better term but I'm pro aging in my very very first the video I was a guest of Salmon. Nick Chapman I said aging is a privilege. Not everyone gets and I've never understood this. I'm not anti-aging at all but I think it's the the aging question is more. I'm more dismissed by people. Don't agree with me. Oh she's old. Actually I would say I'm experienced but you do and I'll say I've got that kind of calm home. Confidence that comes with being a mother four fifty had ever to give a shit if tests. I'm currently jumping rocking Bora Bora Says No. I'm shit. Whatever I just I don't get that much of it because in the UK a more seen as like the mother hen you know so? I've already good relationship with most of the locals in the UK. Okay and then we normally ask doc with what's in your bag but one of our listeners. Ashley she wanted to know your hall of fame products the big category. I mean she could go on your blog but give us a couple of us with like cleanser. What's Bash Emma Haughty Moraga bone cleanser was? I thought God this is amazing. my pixie double cleanse kind of an easy an easy one to say just. Because you know I didn't make that product to be like a Rolls Royce cleansing. It's a good basic and it gets people into the brain of sinking. Oh I take this off with an oil and then I go in with something a bit. creamier acids P fifty obviously There are so many cream kate. Somerville Line Repair is line. Release Sorry reline release is amazing without Mascara always like crony Krista loader they make great Moscow or is it a drastically underestimated but about this year like plain old moisturizer depends on the budget. You know anything that it was a cheap one Hi Ed one Cheap one would be a neutrogena hydro at least is a grand nice moisturizer but it won't work if you're using a primer that's made of silicone A cake some bill tissue repair which is called Peptide. Kate now they had to change name. mm-hmm is like probably one of my whole grow products we've got a low and high and now we have fun at the very end so we do this at the end of with everybody. We've got five live questions. We ask everybody so the first beauty product that you remember falling in love with when you were we little little caroline dolphin purifying bom. WHOA whoa out of the gate? You're using the good stuff and now what do you do to chill out like. What's your relaxation? SCU On okay if National Victims uh-huh unit yet clean my kitchen Favorite ice cream. I ate a lot of haagen-dazs pralines and cream and I was pregnant. song that pumps you up not much Lisa Vandross and then we always raise on Mascaro onto our favorite products at the end of the show. But what are you raising two right now. It does not have to be beauty product. which is something in your obsessed with currently Shits Creek? Who did it just recently? Someone else said Daddy Stan. Levey shows a delight Yeah Creek. I am obsessed with dead like constantly. Yeah Yeah I get obsessive about things and and going to gigs. I'm obsessive about going to gigs. Merger Big Duran Duran Fan. I am the just me. No one oprah cre I'm GONNA. I'm here in New York tomorrow. Are you so excited. I can't think about it. Are you to give her facial. Co- couldn't be able to. This was super refund. I could talk to you for a arena hours. Thank you so much for coming. Thanks so much. Thank you for having me. And now it's time to raise a won- before.

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