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Listen, you guys just grab some coffee won't be with you in a minute. We're going over today's stories all my gosh. Oh my gosh. I don't even know why anybody would read fiction anymore. I mean, you know, it's funny because I've been watching a lot of stand up on on on. On net flex here lately. Kevin James, Adam Sandler, and Ray Romano has a really really great news standup specialists. I. Stand up comedy in a long time. And it's really really terrific. But this. With all due respect to those very funny people today was just over the I almost texted you when I was reading the story. And I said there's no way I was I was laughing out loud. So so hard I went in the other room, and my daughter was in there, and she goes data, you're watching comedy again because I've been talking about watching these comedy specials, and I said, no, I was reading comedy. And she goes, really. Yeah. I'll explain later. And then I just gotta left it at that. But it's. You know? With all due respect to miss. Okay. Ask you court says. And this whole green thing. I you know, what I feel like, you know, sometimes I feel like. You know, you're you're out and you're playing with your kids or maybe you're you're taking a walk right or a bike ride with your family. Right. And and the kids are kind of trailing behind because their feet are smaller. They're strides a smaller. So you kind of pull over and wait for the cats. Come on. Honey, come on. You can do it come on. And this is how I feel with Casio Cortez because we've said in recent days. That she's talking as if she's presenting brand new ideas, and that and that the things she's presenting are a positive and that the liberal community is going to embrace them. And then hold her up on this or put her up on this great pedestal, and and she's going to be crowned. And somehow for these ideas, she's introduced as a first off. It's not legislation that she put out there. It's just it's. It's communism. Yes. It's it's her look there's one good thing about it. It's only six pages long, which means it does have a very low carbon footprint. Yeah. Right. But this isn't legislation. This is her. This is her junior high school dream wish list for the environment. And as I was telling you before we get on the air. And I'm sorry. But I started laughing because right before we went on the air used were laughing about something, and we've been laughing in our entire pre show meeting about how she couldn't get anything right yesterday. Yeah. How you know? It's bad. When Nancy Pelosi has to immediately come out and really denounce it. Yeah. When she has to come out and say, well, her her message was this is a green dream, right? That's what she referred to it as a it's part of everything that we're looking at. But even she insulted the the far left. But if you look at it, if you if you want to see it, I mean, this has been endorsed by almost. Every single Cory Booker Camila, Harris, Elizabeth Warren. Yeah. Kirsten gillibrand Julian Castro beta Iraq, right all these people that are running for president all the people that really have made it clear, they're running for president on the democrat side, all of them have endorsed it. Seriously. If if you're you have to be if you're a democ-, if you are a democrat that has any type of science knowledge, or engineering, knowledge or any knowledge, a basic, highschool knowledge. Of how the world really works. And how things are made. You're looking at this. And as I said to you, I said, I really feel a little bad because it's almost as if we have been forced to argue or debate with elementary school students who know nothing about how the world actually works, right? And they're putting it's almost as if you're a parent, and and putting your your your kids are doing their homework and you're attempting to. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, but it doesn't really work this way. Yeah. Yeah. But you realize these are adults that are in the arena ideas, and you must pound on them and embarrassed the daylights out of them because as we have said about a Casio Cortez. She is absolutely the perfect representation. The perfect stereotype. The by the way, the stereotype is not true for any demographic out there. We've said this before but she is the perfect media stereotype for that completely totally clueless and ignorant millennial that exists today. She's she's the example that gives the millennial group of the bad name. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. Because we separate the stereotype again as you just alluded to we separate that stereotype. The reason that that people build that stereotype is because of the the the types of individuals who think this way, and you know, I used to criticize them because they would turn to someone as their expert that was either a vice president or his last name was the science guy. But in this case, they're turning the Harry Potter because this is just absolutely fiction. Yeah. I it. It really is. By the way, it's it's impossible as we have stated to begin with. Now, she has changed. Some of the words, and we'd noted that yesterday how from zero carbon emissions to net zero carbon emissions. Yeah. And what that really means is will join the math and all the science. That's what it means. Right. Because you can't get as we said yesterday, you can't get to zero carbon emissions ever. Right. It is impossible for the human race to do that. You can't build anything. You can't do anything without releasing some form of carbon gas into the atmosphere. Your head have any type of manufacturing base. You can't manufacture windmills. You can't manufacture solar panels. You can't manufacture electric cars. You can't manufacture high-speed trains, but I came in here. Just in my throat's already. Source will have to be careful about not laughing. But it's just been laughing. The last, you know, twenty minutes with you drive twenty five minutes. Right. And you started laughing about something. And as you were laughing, I was just reading from the federalist dot com. David her zanies column, the ten most insane requirements of the green new deal. And it's the green new deal isn't just un-american. It's completely bonkers. I mean, this is completely nuts. It's almost as if you're dealing with the homework assignment of an elementary school student, right? That's how dumb and stupid. It is. And the funny thing is we were talking about some of the interviews that she had was doing yesterday. And it's almost as if even the liberal media is like, okay, we have to be nice to her as if she is an elementary school student and can tell her, and this is the thing that you were reading to me, which just set me off the off the deep end of of of laughter. How she said we'll oldest doesn't have to be paid in taxes guest. She says we we we have to defeat that idea that misnomer that everything and I'm I'm I'm paraphrasing. But I'm right on the the actual spirit of the thought we have to dispel this misnomer this myth that it's all paid through taxes. And she said, and then she mentioned deficit spending and the interviewer at N P R, not Fox News. Said. Yeah. But you know, eventually that deficit spending has to be repaid and that will be through taxes. Yeah. Well, I mean, that's always the crux of it. I mean, she's completely that they have to do a clueless to you. Yeah. They really have. Now's I think now it's going to have to be a series. But it may it may go longer than law and order, but the you said something during the the the pre show meeting just moments before we went on you said, you know, this this really is like having a discussion or debate with you said thirteen year old with a child I was gonna I was gonna say three or four year old, but I'm gonna tell you right now, I have three and four year old, grandchildren. And both of them could grasp the concept of of things, I think better than than the ideas being put forth here because my I'm confident my grandchildren with some discussion within just a let's say a week. How long has she been in the when was she seated January January January the first week of January? All right. So you know, we're into a full month. I'm confident in a weekend. My my four year old grandchildren in there. And I have a couple of them. Could figure this out of how things work of of deficit spending. And you got to pay this back, and you got to do that they may not understand government on the big broad level. But they would know how things work what a process is. And this is this is beyond preschool insanity. Not just fantasy. This is just Harry Potter. This is a big thick book of wizard. If that's the only thing says if anybody else brought this up and said, look, I want you to be part of a debate on this. You'd be forced to do it. But it's almost as if it if it was an adult if it was her. But if it was anybody else if it was like, this is something you would expect look we'd like you to come in. And we'd like you to be part of the debate. With our elementary school. Our elementary school students have come up with a way to save the planet, and we know you will probably disagree with some of these these ideas, and so we would like to coming into bait the elementary school students. Right. As you said last week. It's sorta like the it's like, well, it's like the episode on Seinfeld. It's karate karate. Yes. Kramer gramer. And of course, eventually, of course, he got he got beat. But it, but it's the same idea. You know, you feel like you, you know, you have to sit down and go. Okay. Let me let me explain. I let's let's start this over, you know, it's funny because you know, when you're teaching a child to tie their own shoelaces, or you know, or button up their own jacket or something sometimes you have to go. Okay. We almost got it. Right. Let's let's try one more time. And you sit down and go. Okay. This is actually how it works. When you have Nancy Pelosi dismissing it, essentially you've lost the game. You completely lost your fantasy land. It's really I I don't know. Because remember you have so far every from every democrat presidential candidate all the activists that. That endorses this plan you're dealing with. And I'm sorry, but you're dealing with the mentality of of children. I know the response will Trump acts like a child his ideas aren't childish. No, no, his ideas and the substance of all of us. I guess connect like I've acted like a child once in a while on the air go I've been doing it for the last twelve minutes. But but the substance of our ideas are solid. Yes. And they're researched. Yes. And they're backed with science proven, by the way. And when you talk about especially when you talk about the basis of an economy. These are proven ideas, this is not the socialism. Socialism has been disproven how many times well this actually would get too..

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