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Do this one hour to get it done? Do a little off the beaten path thing toss in some reds along the way as well. Handing off the sterling who's in tonight, nine midnight, your top story. Reg win trailing four nothing early. It was not looking good. They find a way they scramble back. They win six five. It is their biggest comeback win of the season and I have declared their biggest win of the season. What does that mean going forward? I don't know. We'll find out the next step of that tomorrow and Tyler, Molly poses. Yu Darvish a game you'll catch first pitch to twenty seven hundred wwl, w but I know what happened today, and that's through the first three innings Cayo Hendrix was back at it. Perfect game nine up nine down in the first three innings. It hit three home runs off of Anthony disco funny in lead four nothing. And by the fourth inning, the bases were loaded after disco had walked the pitcher. That's how bad things were. But the reds fightback bowl. Penn applies. The bandage with Peralta and mad. Bowman reds take the lead. Cubs then lead reds then score to in the ninth win the game, six five, the final score Rowling from four nothing deficit and five four deficit biggest comeback win of the year. Eleven hits the day to hits from Bado Suarez. Winker and nineteen players used. Michael Renton pinch-ran scored the tying run and then played right field to end the game. Derek Dietrich played second base first base and left field. Jesse Winker played left field right field. And then went back to left field, joy Votto. Final four at bats were more vodka like again, I don't know what that means going forward, if anything but his final four at bats. He lined out heart singled he had a double, but it was those checks wing things we've seen for a double. I'm not discounting it but I'm talking in terms of his swing returning. He lied to single up the middle. He lined out too, right? He then in the ninth inning worked an eight pitch at bat for a walk as the leadoff hitter in the ninth Lorenzen pinch ran for him. And after the Suarez home run the reds and hang on deal six five. The final score, I would be perfectly content. It will not rule out continuing reds conversation in this hour. I will add this to our conversation from the off the beaten path, topic standpoint, I give credit to Jay Morrison for this one j Morrison from the athletic suggested this earlier today by Twitter, I put out the call always looking for ideas and suggestions. And he said, if you could time travel back to witness, live any Cincinnati or any national sports moment. What would it be perhaps you'd you've heard about it or read about it? You didn't have a chance to witness it, we'll call it a little time travel theme here. There are some moments in history. You witness in their burned inside your brain, and you can pass. Down there. Others you wish man, I wish I seen that Jay Morrison brings that to us for the off the beaten path the time, traveller topic where you traveling back to what are you seeing? And why are you seeing it? I'll give you an example. Take me back to nineteen forty one I would love to watch Ted Williams and I will go to the final day of the season. When Ted Williams was sitting with a batting average of three nine nine five five, technically major league baseball would have rounded up to four hundred he would been the first four hundred hundred years, a stork numbers, and Ted was given the option of the final day. The season for doubleheader Red Sox were seventeen and a half games back of the Yankees game didn't matter. Instead Ted was given the choice by his manager. Ing sit this out hit four hundred and basically probably if you cuss words in there he said, I'm playing so it goes out. Blaze in the first game just to watch Ted Williams to me would be unbelievable. But he goes four for five in the first game. Could a call today and been well above five hundred. He went back out and played the second game. Two threes on the final day of the season. He goes six eight winds up batting four six four seven. That season. Take me back to watch Ted Williams on the final day. The nineteen forty one season I am in as time travel. I'd also like to go back and watch Pete marriage. Gimme a game against Kentucky in nineteen seventy what he drops sixty four points on Kentucky. Pete mayor vich to me, his life, that times the tragic story all of it rolled into one is just an amazing story to me of both sadness and greatness, the fact that Pete muravich for three years ever forty four points game in college forty four points a game. He played in an era without the three point shot without a shot clock played at an era where freshmen couldn't play, so he played three years of college, and he scored thirty six hundred sixty seven points averaging forty four a game take me back to that day in nineteen seventy when Pete marriage scored sixty four nine against his anybody scored sixty four against Kentucky. That's where I'm time traveling to let me give you another one. I believe I was at Crossley field as a little little kid. I don't recall it. I just like to go back to Crossley feel give me a Saturday in, I don't know. Nineteen sixty maybe fifty nine sixty take me to a Saturday at Crossley field. Gimme gimme a hotdog some popcorn. Gimme a cold one. Let me watch Frank Robinson and Veda Pinson. I would love so much to be able to watch with them wearing those read those uniforms of that era at Crossley field. Veta- and Frank. Are you kidding me? Would love to do that couple of them for me. I think Jay's topic has a chance to work. We'll call it the time traveller where when who why? And then this, I know we can have some fun with this. And this is from Twitter this morning. I happen to see it. And I said, well, that's too good to pass up actually may have come out yesterday. From the Twitter site. Hashtag roundup hashtag round up in the question was simply this and it spread right around the country who is your first TV crush. Who was your first TV crush? In fact, I will ask that of sterling when he comes into the crossover tonight. That sounds something that would be right up his alley. Sterling trending on Twitter yesterday from the website, hashtag roundup was who was your first TV crush. In fact, tell bake Dave, and let him type it on the screen when you lock in your vote, I thought long and hard about this too came to mind right away. They were life changing as a teenager of I would say Farah Fawcett from Charlie's angels. There was something about the, the hair, the, the feathered back hair, the seventies coupled with Charlie's angels, and them talking on the speaker to Bosley and just jill's voice, oh, and that poster of her in the bathing suit, she was turned sideways in the bathing suit, and she had her hand on her knee or hinder, the chin. Bailey from W care. P C. Sterling is very scary is odd as he is. I'm a lot like him. I mean that in a good way, I don't mean it in a bad way. I mean that in a good way and my mom would agree that we're both kind of odd. And so we're similar in our oddities, but I debate I wrote down on my sheet right here, Lonnie Anderson, and Jan Smithers, Jan, Smithers chanter, Jane Jan, Jan Jan Smithers, which is Jennifer Marlowe and Bailey quarters, and I was more of a Bailey quarters type guy, although there were clearly some things you could not overlook Jennifer Marlowe a couple of things, but Farah Fawcett would be one of my first TV crushes and Christie macnichol. I gotta get sterling's reaction on Christie macnichol because Christie macnichol played in may. Was it family? I want to say it was family. She played into couple of TV shows, but, like she really burst onto the scene as a as a teenager in. I think it was family and I had admit this what's wrong. I had Christie macnichol poster on my bedroom. All she had. The feather back hair, the seventies as well. Those are the two I would go with Farah Fawcett and Christie macnichol in now would ask you to contribute. And let's see what we can rock and roll with for these two topics. The rest of the night, five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on AT and T A one more. And it was it was a movie at the time adventures in babysitting. Starring Elizabeth Shue. I had a major that was a movie but she also did TB, so I'm including your IRA major crush on Elizabeth. Shue Farah Fawcett Christie macnichol, Elizabeth Shue. Can I admit to modern day crushes is it okay? There is what is her name. It's Padilla weeks. I think it is. I think my wife already knows this. We watched the show, magnum PI, the reboot of magnum PI it. I will admit the biggest reason I watch it. It's an okay show. It's a fun show to a lot about it. He's, he's okay. Kerry plays a good Thomas magnum perk, too. And he drives the nice car, but Higgins, the woman who played the blonde who plays Higgins in the modern day. Magnum PI, I have an adult crush on. There's no like I TV crush. It's like modern day crush on. I think it's Padilla weeks. Believe John, Bob, Scott. Jacob and others lineup. Let's do it..

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