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Max upload speeds of 880 megabits per second versus 35 megabits per second advertised upload speeds for Xfinity gigabit spectrum Internet gig and optimum one gig plan $15 per month router charge $99 setup fee in terms of amplitude Two 28 And bob M learned the WTO traffic center Well prince George's county now eastbound two 14 must turn at Richie road or Garrett Morgan boulevard the crash has all the eastbound lanes blocked headed toward the beltway until they clean it up So for now you can not go beyond the intersection headed toward the beltway past Richie rode a Garrett Morgan boulevard if you're westbound You're not affected there all westbound lanes are getting by Beltway inner loop brief slowdowns through Bethesda and Silver Spring pretty much in good shape on 95 and the Voldemort Washington Parkway 50 out to the bay bridge as well Meanwhile in the district northbound on D.C. two 95 after Pennsylvania avenue we have a new crash there traffic heavy and slow beginning well before Pennsylvania getting up to the scene fire department is now en route In Virginia 66 westbound after one 23 believe they got the car out of the roadway onto the left shoulder and southbound traffic on 95 that is quite slow from dumfries headed past the crash on the right shoulder at Quantico or a triangle exit one 50 did have a work zone after that on the right side not sure if the works on is still in place believe it might still be there past the crash Well window nation wants you to beat the rush with special spring savings get two free Windows with every two you buy plus make no payments for two full years Visit window nation dot com bob in the WTO traffic Two Michel Grossman for the forecast Temperatures this afternoon in the 30s the lower 40s So the cold continues we could see some flurries and some snow showers too especially north and west Tonight it's a mainly.

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