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We get right back to the call's going to try to move folks a little bit more quickly. Hugh in Pennsylvania, Hugh next on nights, I'd go ahead and haven't talked to in a while. You how are you? A dance in a while, but listen, May I always listen to your show, but the thing that gets being about what we're talking about tonight? Um I'm very offended. Okay. I'm really offended. Joined the crowd. You everybody's offended. I know. I know, but very offended by the sports team that you guys are, you know, the New England Patriots. I'm very offended by that, because Guess what? Dan? You people up. There are not patriots. Sorry. No. I thought I thought you were going to be offended that that we win all the time. Well, you might win, but now see, now all the sudden Dan Sports is like Political Listen, This is what gets crazy sports is supposed to be a enjoyable activity. What would you like them, Which is? What nickname should we have? We've been the Patriots since 1960. We were the Boston Patriots, now with the New England Patriots. About the New England leftist No, no. Come on. What do you understand what I'm saying? You understand? Do I'm trying to figure it out. I think I do. Go ahead. Because you got you know patriots or people that fight Patriots or someone we fight for our freedom. We fight for our country and the people on the other side of you. Give me a second. The people on the other side of the political spectrum from you. You're a very conservative guy. I know you okay? The people who are on the other side, They may view things differently than you. But they're just his patriotic. They love the country too. They just want to take the country in a different direction. No, Dan, what we're seeing today. Are you kidding me? Can you really say that with a straight face? Yes. I can say that with. No, I'm not not take hold on here. Can we just wanted a second people on the opposite side? They want to rip this country down. I'm sorry. Couldn't disagree with you more. I live here. I live with people. I have friends of mine who I disagree with politically you but our Justus patriotic as you just his patriotic is me. They just have a different view. Now I'm not talking about the the teeth of people who are out rioting in the streets of Portland. I'm not talking about the people who created the autonomous Zone in Seattle. I'm not talking about the guy that smashed the police officer, the police superintendent over the head with a baseball bat in the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. They're criminals. They talk about them, because if you don't talk about them when I talk about Americans, they're not singing what we say. Okay, but you know who I talk about those people all the time. I just, You know, there are people out there who have so far to the right from you. The boogaloo people and all of that They're on the same side of the spectrum as you are. But you don't encompass the segregation is the racist. You're not a racist. You're not a segregationist. Oh, my gosh. All of you saying is that that they're not patriotic because they may be far right on some political spectrum, but they want to take us in in in a direction that none of us want to go into. I agree with that. But that's why we have to fight the world thing and Dan Are attacking sports. Listen, I was a big sports guy lied love baseball football. Doesn't who doesn't Right now they're making it political. They want to attack or, you know, we I used to sit and enjoy a football game on a Sunday afternoon. Now I gotta look at the jerseys with all these Different things on its political. This's what they should be Nothing on the NFL. Jersey says that there's nothing on the NFL jerseys. But what I'm saying is Dan America Wake up. All right, is a great country. You know, there's no doubt about that. There's no doubt about that. You weekend. That's one lit on that note of agreement. Lettuce and this conversation and come back soon, Okay. Hi, buddy. Thank you Have a great weekend. Goto. Joe is in Worcester. Joe, You're next on nights I go right ahead. Hi. Yes. I'm sorry. Uh, we certainly need to be culturally sensitive now in this 21st century, See it all around me. I even in Worcester now they like they like Questioning whether it should remove the statue of Christopher Columbus, because that's going to be offensive to people outside the unions. I don't understand why we're going to such extremes it it's like What are we to do next? We're going to start censoring textbooks. Any references to quote has must be removed because it is a contestant or of of of centuries ago. Are we gonna and then even in Rhode Island? You can't say V J Day in August because that is not culturally sensitive When you memory farming magazine. A rose, But I think by the way, correct me from raw a day, which is August 15th I booked. Uh, the only state in the union that still celebrates. I guess the end of World War two, which would be VJ day because Germany had been dispatched. Who is little Rhode Island, Rhode Island and remember what it was called V J Day in my youth, but now it's been renamed something else to be culturally sensitive way We are going to be extreme. Where? My God, what is next, But we're going to remove. I think I think we should. I think we should apologize for for for for inflation of apologize for the Of the expansionism of imperialism and Southeast Asia during during the 19 thirties. No, no, no, I think we should apologize for having been involved in World War two And saved saved the world on you. No way should have been suggested. When I say that while you say that you're out there, I want to rewrite history. You know, Go read Howard Zinn's history of America. The United States was always wrong. We did nothing other than you know, to try to plunder and loot. Look, the left is we don't know where we were aided our enemies by rebuilding their country know the Marshall plan never happened. Never have pegged. Actually, it's revisionist history. So really value way we are engaged in revisionism with we need to be very deliberate and what we say what we conceptually you. It's like It's like what is occurring now would never have occurred in the sixties and Mei Yue Pitts it's become. It's gone to an extreme and then we have these extremists. Bitter, bitter rioting and looting and not all of them. I mean, certainly if it's if it's an orderly civil formation, but I mean, when you when you Justify Breaking plate glass windows on corporate buildings and wounding Ah, How do you justify routing of even proprietorships here in western of the DC you center? How do you justify destruction of private property? Really, really, though it's justified by a concept called moral relativism. For what? Yeah, Whatever way we're going to become coach cultural relativists and be fearful of mentioning anything that may may offend someone because Because historically some event occurred so it must be removed from any any commemoration of those events way historians offensive in terms of how we refer to it. Their academic historians who will argue that the United States Lord Japan into the attack on pro so really the attack on Pearl Harbor, we were expanding our fleet defict and that was a threat..

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