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Starting to see some sunshine 29 degrees in the Circle City. 46 is the high today I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at a 30. There will be no okay. Cabinet vote to remove the president Chris Davis. Reports. Vice President Mike Pence has rejected the resolution from Democrats and says that he believes that invoking the 25th amendment right now is not only not good for our country but also inconsistent with the Constitution. Democrats laid the pressure on Indiana's former governor to try to oust the president. But Pence pointed out in a letter to the speaker of the House that there are just eight days left in the Trump administration. Instead, it's very likely that House Democrats will attempt to impeach President Trump for the second time on Wednesday. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C Mobile news. That is indeed the plan, and the president says a second impeachment inquiry is ridiculous. The impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt. In the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain. Trump, speaking Tuesday in South Texas, he has also said that he will not attend Joe Biden's inauguration, which is a week from today. An additional 10,000 members of the National Guard will be deployed to D. C for the inauguration by the safety by this Saturday to ensure safety. That's on top of the 6200 troops that are already in D. C five people killed in separate shootings in Indianapolis on the Northeast side Tuesday night, police are searching For suspects. You can see where specifically those shootings happened. It wi be si dot com A person also killed in a fatal crash this morning on Indy Southside. Police say it happened around 5 45 at the intersection of Southeast Street and Pal Street That's near Thompson Road and Kepler Avenue south of I 4 65. Police were trying to figure out what caused the crash. Her attorneys tried to keep her alive, but the only woman on federal death row has now been executed. 93 w IBC correspondent Paul Miles. Reports. Lisa Montgomery is the first woman executed by the federal government in 67 years she was given a lethal injection at the prison and terror Hoat But gunnery fatally strangled a pregnant woman in 2004, then cut open her body and kidnapped her baby. Her attorneys argued that Montgomery was mentally ill and should not be executed. Lisa Montgomery gave no last statement. She was pronounced dead at 1:31 A.m. local time. In Terra Haute. I'm Paul Miles and a Kansas game warden being praised for helping wildlife in an unfortunate situation to state wildlife parks and tourism game, Warden said. They got a report of two deer with their antlers locked together, so they found the deer, but they had to keep their distance because the deer were still violently trying to free themselves. That's when Jeff Clouser, the game warden, took aim and shot an antler off of one of the deer. The shot broke the antler, and it allowed the bucks to be free again. Neither of the animals were hurt. I don't believe it. Don't you believe it? Because it's like something out of a bond movie where you have to shoot the handcuff off the person in distress so they can get free shot The antler, by the way, shot the antler. Yes, because they were because when, when the deers deer were fighting, they had their antlers locked, and I think he found one That was really part of the problem. So he shot that one off, And then that allowed them to break free and they were. They were good to go. And if you ever get your antlers shot off, not so much good to go. No. Well, it might be better than being you know, forever locked in a battle with another dear, when you don't want to be I don't know. I mean, hey, there's they. They're fine. They're alive. They're back with their You know, they ran off you Silver lining John Harris trying to be what everyone calls you. They call you the silver lining that what they call me Or is that what you call me that none of? That's what they say. That's that I don't even call you. That's what they say. That's all. John Herrick. Silver lining, kid can't wait till you hear this. They are they them? They and them. And some of the others. And Kurt, Darling, That's what I'm talking about. Okay. All right. Well, would you like me to find the video of this? I don't know if they have it. Yes, I don't know. If they have it. I'll see if I can find it. Ah, no video didn't happen. Cheese. Okay, just saying All right. You know, you just called the Kansas State wildlife parks and tourism game wardens a liar. I guess that 1 900, Kansas, So I just call him and ask him what happened? Yeah, you can. You can I'm John Herrick on the level on the going on wi be si dot com. It's a 35 with traffic.

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