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Had bob gates of all people they had quite the collection of talents and i think with this collection of talents we're getting close which brings me to bolton i have to play for you and you know john bolton well and i know john bolton well here's secretary of defense general james mattis welcoming john bolton to the pentagon yesterday cut number one festival the secretary thank you thanks for thanks for coming in finally i've heard that you're at did you hear that i heard you're the devil incarnate and i wanted to meet you number two marine talk nice out what do you think about john and this is his he's prepared is tire life for this job that's what i tell people and talk about the smartest guy in the room i don't know who wins the jeopardy game between maddest pond pale and bolton do well there so this wonderful i've been thinking like this last few days there's a wonderful passage and bruce catton's biography a history of the civil war and he talks about the day on a on the presidential yacht and the potomac when you lucy's grant and phil sheridan and william sherman and abraham lincoln set down to confer and he said cat and remarks that when those four men were finally assembled together to work together the war was decided in principle and you know lincoln like trump went through a lot of people to get the ones you wanted and i have noticed that these appointments get stronger and.

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