Dr Klein, Senator Rand, Dr Fallacy discussed on Tom Roten Morning Show


When you look at Some policy here I wonder how good a policy it is to to bring thousands of unvaccinated people into this country either from afghanistan or by opening our southern border. Those people aren't being checked agree. I think i think there's a there's a part of the problem. Is that the inconsistency which which breeds distrust and if it doesn't take a if it doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand that That if inconsistent to tau a regular americans that they can't enter a restaurant or that they have to show that they're vaccinated and to shame them while at the same time. I have no concern or care for people for example running across the border Coming in from other countries telling americans who've gone an airplane they have to they have to be vaccinated they have to they they have to wear coverings and then not applying the same rule the people who have much greater risks of actually carrying and spreading the disease it. It doesn't make sense. And you know. I think i think it just makes people more more and more skeptical of the endeavor. Yeah last question dr klein. I've watched the the back and forth between senator rand. paul who's also a doctor and dr fallacy And senator paul is really pushed the idea of natural immunity and and so i wanna ask you should people who have recovered from covert And have the antibodies. Should they have to get vaccinated. I don't think so. I had covert and then i got. I chose to get vaccinated. I'm not you know thinking well. Maybe it'll do some good probably won't hurt. i do. I think they need to know. I think that that data suggests that infection is is at least as protective. Maybe more so against something and than banning vaccination. So i you know i don't think so. This is a natural process. We we're we saw virus we have. We were hit by a virus. We haven't seen before..

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