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Allegedly strikes. Again twenty six old Boston Jones is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly attacking a valley fair employees earlier this month stop county. Attorney Ron, hose averse says Jones sexually assaulted the woman in the early morning hours of August seventh near in apartment building in Jordan for, valley fair employees he says officers found the woman. In a swampy, area near her car in they heard some grunting. And groaning on in the swamp. Area started a search and found this lady up there she had a Around her, neck and discovered her legs were pretty bruised and. Cut up from Swan river says they were able to do DNA testing on the belt and it showed a, match leading them to the arrest of Jones Jones was convicted of third degree criminal sexual conduct against. A juvenile in. Two thousand eleven while construction crews moved dirt outside 'alliance field in Saint Paul workers are already installing seats inside Greg Huber is the project manager with Mortenson construction. Or twenty five percent of the project out accomplished within the last four months so it is a substantial. Among it's now seventy five percent completed and on track to finish in February at least one bathroom in one concession. Stand has already done and seventy percent, of the structure is wrapped in Teflon Scott Amerson is the project senior superintendent but you've seen this type of exterior enclosure The Olympics in Beijing World Cup events. That sort of thing but this particular fabric. Has never been used the field's high definition scoreboard has already hanging up. On the opposite end they will have. An old fashioned scoreboard similar to Fenway park's green monster grasp will. Go in in October some Republicans running for office are treading lightly when it comes to how President Trump has reacted to the death. Of Senator John McCain the president did not comment publicly until a few days after McCain's debt and was criticized for not keeping flags atop the White House lowered at. Half, staff, on WCTC oh Chad Hartman from. The state fair today Republican US Senate candidate Karin Housley, said she doesn't agree one hundred. Percent with Trump style I think he could have handled it a little bit differently which would have. Been a, much better Housley says she's not sure if the president's behavior will hurt Republicans, in the upcoming election the NC. Double a. men's basketball final four is coming to the. Twin cities next spring and this week some fans will find out if they've been selected to purchase.

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