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To federal law and then in california with the law does is simply tell enforcement officers not to act for instance not to tell the feds about release dates of immigrants in prison and the state claims that the federal government insisting that they do so is commandeering so the supreme court will have to work this one out all right so our next question has to do with the impact of state laws on the federal government so let's listen to this hi this is darrel nelson i'm from gene oregon i wondered what examples are there were a majority of states enacting a similar law or set of laws eventually produced federal legislation well the best example i can think of is the nineteenth amendment granting women the vote several western states who come into the union was women's suffrage in the late nineteenth century then more adopted it but still the struggle before passage of the amendment and then ratification in nineteen twenty was very very difficult regardless of the federal government however several organizations urge the states to write uniform legislation so that they're not different laws in every state with a whole hodgepodge of enforcement always good to talk to you rachel this is npr news joe over to you i've got just about twenty five seconds north one zero one santa rosa north at twelve crash there might have a lane blocked southwe one south of college a separate crash with a truck that's spun out on the shoulder marin county the usual slowdown the bay bridge usual backup and westbound eighty s packed from panel westbound five eighty slow from san leandro almost two twenty four joe mcconnell for joe thanks for the update here's report brought to you by unbound dot org on k q e d public radio from ktbs.

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