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You can see him now on the NFL network. Charlie we use apprised at the amount of pushback on the source comments about Kyla Marie? You shared the other day. Ovid supplies by it. I think it's a little bit non Newsday's. What happens? I guess. Itself. Because here's the thing. I mean, I've seen these things before. And I was quite surprised. Nobody else picked up on it to be honest with you. So the interview was five days ago. What would that being said, Charlie? I mean, you're a former NFL GM. So I found it interesting when you when you commented on leadership and study habits that were identified as a problem in the interview process you've been in a lot of these interviews, how do you identify that? When you're talking to a player in the room. Well, leadership is the mayor and presentation and study habits could be come from the interview and asking him sipping question about how he prepared for game and comments a person would meet now, here's the thing. Big picture is it's a fifteen minute interview. No team's gonna make a decision on a fifteen minutes interview. The point is he went in the multiple interviews and did not do. Well, that's that's the statement everything else after that. I don't know. Where you know, where would come from where he'll comments about a different things with me. The reality is that were following up with taping Allison of him. And how his skill set will transfer into any successful quarterback in the NFL nowhere in there that I say anything about my opinion of its ability..

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