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Talk Atlanta dream on this episode. Coach, welcome back. A few things have changed since we last spoke. You now have a year under your belt in Atlanta. How are you feeling less than a week away from the WNBA draft? You know, I'm feeling good. But, you know, everything is coming pretty fast here. I think it always happens around this time of year. But I feel good about where we are. And the steps that we've made in this off season and where we're looking forward to. Feeling good, feeling good. Good. You should. Because there's a lot we could talk about a lot we could digest. I think at the general consensus is there's a lot of excitement. Atlanta is trending in such a good direction. And a lot of things we could pick apart with that, but obviously you're at the draft stage. Of the season, you know, headed into it. And primarily even headed into free agency. You know, what were some of the goals that you and Dan kind of had going into that? Of what you wanted to do with this roster and how you were going to take that next step. Yeah. We're still, you know what? That's a great question. And we're still in the building stage, right? Like last year it was great, no doubt about that. But we still have steps to make and sometimes those steps happen just incrementally, baby steps, right? So for us, coming into the off season, it really was about just getting better. It didn't matter. How we got better, but we wanted to make moves to get better. And I honestly think that we've done that. You know what I mean? Now, whether or not that jump is from a to Z or a to E, you know what I mean? It's a jump for us. And bring it in gray, obviously, was one. Going out and getting D Rock, another one. So all those things for us is just a small way to get better on the court. So, and at the same time, making sure that the right people for our work. Well, okay, we all do the fun free agency grades. Yeah. I'm gonna make you grade your guys own off season so far. Oh, we got an a hands down. Hands down, we got an 8. You know, if a pluses were like, I think thing thing, I would give us a plus, but we definitely got to actually think the majority of our grades a few of us, the people that we kind of do, I think ours are pretty right or right around that area. Yeah. No, listen, at the end of the day, we got better. I mean, adding Alicia gray was a huge piece for our future. Not just adding her, but also being able to extend her, right? And to pair her and to compliment her with somebody like Ryan, I think is a big, is a big step in the right direction for us. She's a great kid. First and foremost, she lives right down the street. From Atlanta. I mean, I think we probably got a bunch of season ticket holders the minute that the trade was executed, you know what I mean? So yeah, I definitely give us a like for sure. I like that. Okay, you bring up Howard. Yeah. I mean, goodness. She's at general generational talent potential, clearly, had a phenomenal rookie year. I mean, the hype and everything around her was very real, very valid. She's got a year under her belt now. After having such a great year, what's kind of that expectation for year two coming from you? To get better. Not to rest on those on last year and the success that she was able to Garner throughout the year because this league just gets tougher and tougher. You know what I mean? People know your name now. People know exactly who you are, what you want to do. And so the expectations for other teams are going to be tougher, not just on you, but on us. People aren't going to look at us as a little stepsister, right here, step sister anymore, right? Where they can just come in and get a dub. Like, no, so because of that, they know that you're going to be the head of that the head of that stake. So they're going to come after you. Different. And with the respect level that you've earned, but you got to get better. And she still has room to grow. I mean, Ryan had a great year, but she has opportunities to grow for sure. I mean, obviously, you drafted her where you drafted her clearly. But we all believe she could be great, but I don't know that everyone thought it would be that type of year. Did the year that she had in terms of just, I don't want to say breakout because that seems doesn't seem right, but did that change the trajectory of the dream? Oh, definitely. Oh, definitely. I mean, she was a rookie, right? You rookies coming in and but she was also the number one pick in the draft. So it's like when you look down the draft and you look at the generational players and in these drafts that have been number one, they've done the same type of stuff that she was able to do. Last year. You know what I mean? So it absolutely changes the trajectory of our franchise being able to add a player with that caliber. Now it's our job to continue to bring in pieces that complement that and that can help move the needle forward. You know, I was looking at this roster and it's pretty clear you got a nice contingency of vets and a nice contingency of young players, right? And I'm curious for you as a coach like, I know, unless you lived under a rock and you're not a WNBA fan, but everyone heard about the story of the dream last year kind of making roles printing it out, putting it on locker, several new kind of what their job was. And first of all, as someone I know, that was a thing that everybody knew, but okay. It got out because apparently, I mean, as someone who leads a team of the wind insider staff, I think it's an amazing idea. Maybe we have to steal that card. But I'm curious for you. You have Ryan Howard, a superstar, and you have this contingency of vets. Like, how do those conversations go? 'cause it's not always the superstar

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