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Story by as we call it lying by omission keeping things out. And this was CBS news watch out CBS because the Casco Cortez's coming after you. Remember, your twenty twenty election team is to white. But this was this was the headline on Facebook. Rand Paul to have surgery in Canada for injuries from neighbor salt. The Senator who was condemned socialized healthcare will be treated in a country with socialized healthcare. Now that technically is true. The center who was condemned socialized healthcare will be treated in a country was socialized healthcare. Now, they're leaving out some important things that will get what that would give you context. And all you have to do is go if I don't know if they took that down the headline down because which criticized like crazy, but there were tons of liberals sane CC. He loves a socialized healthcare system because that was the impression that they got from the story. What did they leave out? The fact that he's not going to get free healthcare. He's going to pay cash and a clinic that's a private clinic. That's a private clinic. Not part of the socialized healthcare system is very well known. Hernia hospital a shoulder is in in in Toronto. My dad went there when I saw it. I burst out laughing as soon as I saw because if you read the article the articles, actually quite clear, the article does not make the point that the headline makes right? But is this because they know. That people just read the headlines and move on. Because you see he's a hypocrite. He's using their socialized medicine didn't say that. In the headline read the comments when you read the comments, you'll know how many people read it, and how many people didn't read it to the article because right in there. It says the the surgeries related to the twenty seven twenty seventeen attack Paul is scheduled for surgery at children's hospital. An adviser to Paul said the hospital is a world where is world renowned for the procedure known as a non mesh hernia repair and is a private entity that is not part of the Canadian system. This is a private world renowned hospitals separate from any system and people come from around the world to pay cash for their services, Paul spokesperson said that's in the first two the two of the first three paragraphs of the actual article. The had the headline. The Senator was condemned socialized medicine will be treated in a country was socialized health care. No, you're actually going to a hospital. Then in essence is the opposite of what is going on in Canada that happens to be in Canada that they haven't shut down yet. Well, do they write that if he's treated in the US he's also getting treatment in a country that has socialized healthcare? Because we do have Medicaid as true. So right. You know, you're not gonna write that headline, of course. So it's important to show you the blatant media bias that exists out there this time from CBS not defensible. No, you can't defend it. And this we find out this is a day where I went. Wow. I mean, it's almost every day. Now. That the stories that come out the left can't defend them. We will continue that coming up here in a little bit. When we tell you. The latest judge. To uphold the contraception mandate. After another judge. Upheld the contraception mandate, we will tell you. How the? And I will use David French from the national review who used the lawless judges. We may also want to use a term that we have used here because whenever these things come up. It is Trump that is called the F word was which is fascist. Now, we only use the word because the opposition has used the word consistently. It was not would not be how would phrase it. But since they use it to attack Trump, we use the word to show, you how those opposed to Trump have a much closer mindset to fascism, and you can't debate it it's impossible to do. So because the judges are wrong, and this is simply and we'll just go for very quickly, and I'll get into it more in detail later on. But it's simply the fact that congress did not put in a conversation mandate. Congress said that the health and human services and ObamaCare must provide preventative services, but they did not list. What those services were they left it up to the executive branch to decide. Obama's executive branch decided to include contraception and make everybody including religious organizations provide it. The executive branch did that not congress Trump came in just like in Dhaka Trump came in and said, oh, so it was an executive order. It was a decision by the executive branch. Okay. We don't like that. We are reversing it. We have the ability to do. So now, we know to our friends on the left who had no idea because the polls show the vast majority of Americans do not under does not understand the separation of power because they don't even understand the three branches of government. That's the vast majority of Americans. So we do feel like at times that very few people understand what we're talking about. But when congress says, okay, we want you a general outline we want to give the executive branch gets to decide it. When a new executive branch comes in. They can change it and the courts rolling on this. And stating they'll go to the supreme court, by the way, the supreme court. It'll be overturned because the executive branch has the absolute authority, the Obama executive branch had the right to do what they did even though that the that the contraception mandate in they didn't have the right for religious organizations, which have been shut down. But the contraception mandate they did have the right to put in because congress gave them the ability to do that. We never argue that we argued the religious exemption for the contraception mandate. The contraception mandated itself is was was not unconstitutional. And so the Trump administration can come in and say, it's all gone. The Obama administration put it in the any administration has the power to implement it. Then you believe the administration has the power to resend it. Right. That's how it works. It's not any different than decker to our friends on the left. You can't debate that that's non debatable. The consensus is in you don't have to like it you'd have to like it now. But that's the way that it is. And so they can change the law. If they want to change the law and take that away from the executive branch if they want, but this is where the judges as we have said before the judges are not fulfilling their oath to defend the constitution of the United States and the separation of powers, this is where the judges are closer to the fascist mentality. That Trump is accused of that trot. Then Trump has ever been. Because the judges have said, no, we get to have our say, no, you don't Congress's dictated that the executive branch gets to make the decision. The Obama executive branch decided to do one thing. They got voted out. The Democrats got voted out. Trump now is a Republican. He got voted in. He said, we don't like it. It goes. That's the way that it works. The next administration. Could do what they want on next administration. Go back in LA, congress changes their perception mandate is is back in other religious, the the, you know religious mandate was wrong, and they'll be overturned for for for that. But the contraception mandate in itself. Is not unconstitutional. And and so as we said with the, you know in the Obama administration. So we didn't even argue that point we believe it's wrong, we weren't pleased with it. We didn't call it unconstitutional. This is where the judges the liberal judges are the fascist mentality. That Trump is accused of those who oppose Trump are closer to the fascist mindset. Then Trump could ever be. You can't argue that to our friends on the left. It is impossible. The only way you can argue it is because you are completely ignorant as to the separation of powers and the three branches of government. And who does what? And we talk about the decisions that were made at the supreme court on other things on ObamaCare. As long as the law stands. It's constitutional for idiot ministration to implement these types of policies or resent them. Story. So they're in it's important to point out because the F word has been used so much against this president some very important to point out that those who oppose him. Whether it's antiques, we set know is supposed to be antifascist they're closer to fascist then Trump could ever dream of. Because what are they wanna do? They wanna shut down free speech. They disagree with. The opposition to Trump is much more fascist than Trump could ever be and everybody on the left if you're listening. You knew you know, that's right. If you understand the separation of powers, you know, that's right. And you can't debate it. And when we brought this up, for example in the travel ban. How much opposition did we have how much pushback from the left only explained it? None zero. Which means if you're on the left, you understand that the judges that you support have the fascist mindset. Well, remember on the Iran deal? Do you believe that should be left up to congress? Yes. Do you think Trump should turn it over to congress? No. Remember that the numbers dropped significantly. When you brought his name into it. Is there a fascist exemption because well, it's okay for fascist Trump, right? Or if we have a cool guy in the office, then he can be a fascist because he doesn't, you know? And he's really cool. Songs these judges though there in robes. It looked pretty cool. Cool. So we can have cool fascist. You can be fascist. If you oppose Trump, right? You can have fascists in California. You know, they're not going to actually send people to jail. Lynn it shouldn't be in the law, but they're not gonna use it. Then take it out of the wall, but they're not gonna use in the gender pronoun law. So we'll get to that coming up here. Plus senators say talking is better than not talking about the shutdown but they're getting nowhere. One democrat introduces a Bill to temporarily open the government how one universities says it has to reinvent itself, which means move away from liberal arts left his shot. How can you do that? Well, nobody's coming here for arts. Businesses dropped dramatically. Yes. It's interesting because two polls out there one shows that America's blaming Trump and the Republicans more much more for the shutdown, but the other polling shows support for a border wall has increased significantly over the last year. Another call for the president to release the declassified documents. The Blasio the wrong people have the money all the all the long. We'll have them out of the money. Okay. Which by the way is the dumbest comment ever. The wrong people. I'm sorry. Did those people earn it? Yeah. That's why did they steal it? Now, they stole it the wrong. People have the money, but the the wrong people refer example Jeff visas. Is the wrong person have the money or did he depends on how the divorce go? So..

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