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We we begin with the inferno We have Eventually in Book Three Wind up in paradise but to get there Dante and Virgil have to scale the mount of purgatorio. The earthly purgatory So this is a mountain that is that extends from Earth to the Threshold of Heaven and at the very top of the mountain at the very peak. That's where the earthly paradise is located the Eden of Of the Old Testament and Christian traditions. Okay so this does this makes more sense also if you know something about like Medieval Catholic theology right which which had this belief in the idea of purgatory. Where it wasn't hell. You know you weren't condemned there forever but you were basically good Christian but you did some sins that were not atoned for in so you have to go to purgatory before you can get to Heaven Ryan so you spend some time there in you know. It's not hell but it's not nice. It's not pleasant and you're stuck there until you essentially serve out your sentence your purified of your sin and then you can be admitted into heaven right. It is a literary symbolic representation of penitent Christian life again. No one holds that the amount of purgatory is a real place. It in very much a part of literature here but does service kind of a nice example of some of the same ideas of of mythological holy mountain. Well one thing I do like about the idea of of Holy Mountains including purgatory. Actually the amount of purgatory is that they do seem like an indication of older versions of religion. That were more That could be situated on earth because the lots of parts of earth. We didn't know about right. You know so like Dante could say well. Yes you can enter hell through a cave here and you go down then you can go up the mountain of purgatory and that's over here and that would be okay because you know. There's lots of the earth that he didn't know what was there. You could just assume it's somewhere undiscovered. Yeah now they're of course plenty of actual mountains that are considered sacred either by association with a Mythical World Mountain. You see that. From time to time where there's a mythological mountain in a nearby mountain becomes associated with the same ideas through traditions and then if we if we as we have explored in past episodes there's also the added dimensions various Pyramids ziggurats that Have been constructed as a sort of artificial mountain allowing the people who built them to participate in Mountain Top sacred rites and observances in some cases in regions where such peaks are are not Readily available well. Yeah and just like in the case say like in Mount Kailash where it is believed that Lord Shiva and Parvathi are dwell on top of the mountain the Ziggurat I think is interpreted by many modern scholars to have been thought to be a home of the gods by the people who use them so like maybe the priests would go up there and do some kind of right but it was also believed that the God would come down and like sleep. The night on the top of the Ziggurat may made even live there for some period absolutely You know and another quick thing. I want to mention in looking at various mountainous. I noticed that in your primordial beings often for mountains out of the soil or as we mentioned earlier they their bodies or the bodies of loved ones become the mountains. And you know it's it's easy to sort of take the formation of mountains for granted with even just sort of you know a casual understanding say plastic tonics and so forth Daily basically a surface level understanding of geology. But imagine trying to understand what a mountain was. If you really had no idea about any of these things I mean unless you were witness to volcanic eruption Are there there are mountain formation processes? That are going to be readily observable and so it makes as much sense if anything to turn to some of these These these these purely mythological and cosmic explanations for why they're there well you can get even weirder with it. I mean one of my favorite examples is the coolest place I've ever been the Mount Stephen Trial by beds up in Britain Mount Stephen British Columbia which is part of the Burgess Shale formation that I went to a couple of years ago. And so you try to imagine that not having a any kind of scientific understanding you go up a mountain and then up near the top. There's just like a cliff where pieces of of Rocker shearing off and got the imprint of strange undersea monsters on them. And it's like you have no idea of figuring out how so this once was sedimentary rock at the bottom of an ocean and it has been pushed up and made into a mountain over hundreds of millions of years yeah even knowing the geologic geological processes in in in place here it's still amazing to behold and well beyond the scope of a human lifetime and and really sort of natural human perception absolutely so Ran Through some more examples here. Holy Mounds it. Kinda give a nice overview of some of these different Different ideas I was reading about the din. Hey Bonday the Navajo. Creation Myth Complete with the creation recreation of the sacred mountains across five worlds so that involves the idea that four other worlds preceded the one that we live in now and this is an idea that POPs up in various Mesoamerican in native American religions. for the Aztecs Kawata APAC served as the mythical sacred mountain the Serpent Mountain in their mythical homeland ascalon and according to Nicoletta mastery on Thought Co the Great Temple of knocked. Alon is thought to be a replica of this holy mountain so another example of recreating the Holy Mountain. An artificial holy mountain created in the likeness of mythological form in norse mythology human bureau is the mountain where the by Frost connects Asgard and mid guard. And this is home of the God. him doll and then there's also perhaps the less famous nearby org and this is the hiding place of the mead of poetry. Oh Yeah Mount. Fuji is important in Japanese culture. It represents according to Birnbaum quote quest for beauty and simplicity that lies at the heart of Japanese culture and I think yeah. Mount Fuji is is one of these examples. That like it's it's a cultural. Let's put part of its cultural pride like it is a part of the natural geography that people can take pride in and find a sense of identity in one thing. I think every time I see an image of Mount Fuji is it just looks very visually. Perfect is very like gracefully sloped. Symmetrical only can only get a work of art. Yeah exactly if you go to Tanzania you'll find Mount Kilimanjaro and Some of the that the CIA people of that region their myths and beliefs about the dorm volcano hold that it contains gateways to the spirit world in Chinese mythology though. There are a few different. Holy Mountains of note. One is mount Buju or Boozer Sean. And Its associated with the Premier Mountains in Central Asia. And it's one of the skype pillars holding up the heavens and again this is the mountain trope found in various cultures There's a a myth in which was damaged by the Water God Gong Gong in his ancient battle for supremacy against the Yellow Emperor and then after the Olympic. Victory the goddess. Newel ahead to repair the damage but in Chinese myth The the Kunlun is perhaps the most important as described in the excellent handbook of Chinese mythology gang on Turner. It is not only a key pillar of the sky but also an abode of Gods and immortals and there are really a lot of descriptions of it and its various films. Magical trees magical animals. It's really an entire sacred ecology unto itself and if there's a particular magical plant magical item or sacred water that you wish to obtain then coon is the place you'll find it. Scott it all. Yeah it's it's everything it includes. It holds for instance the sweet spring and Emerald Lake the parole tree. The tree the tree of immortality Cinnabar River which prevents death. If you drink it the week river where nothing floats so it has. It has all the magical items in just scaling it scaling to the appropriate Terrace on the mountain. According to some traditions means that you can take on divine powers yourself. Over natural forces perhaps acquire immortality or even take on spirit status yourself again provided you know where to climb and you can survive. The dangers various important. Mythic events are sometimes set on the mountain including the goddess new ause marriage to her brother and the subsequent population of the world so again. That's just a that's just a few examples there so many other sacred mountains That we didn't we didn't have time to include or just didn't have time to research but again if we left one out that you're particularly fond of or you've visited yourself certainly right into us. Well and these I would point out are just the sacred mountains that have accumulated like myths with Staying Power Liars. Because I would say there are a number of now pretty well observed phenomena that would under normal circumstances be creating new sacred mountain myths all the time and maybe we should explore that when we come back from a break..

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