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Thank you, Ivan. It's such an incredible deal for premium made-to-measure suit well done, Josh macaroni. So well done for a bunch of these other classes as well. LSU with a top six class, Clemson, Oklahoma. Of course, got the early boost in the day with Jeremiah credential, number four athlete number sixty one overall is he picks Oklahoma over Oregon. He wasn't former Oregon commit you've got Texas at nine Notre Dame at ten Ohio State lost a quarterback to win Mathis flipped to Georgia. But again, they did cap off the day with Zach Harrison the top ten player defensive in from instate. What about some programs here? Tom van hair? We'll start with you that that have some work to do in that probably wish to Wednesday when a little bit better. Well, we talked about Florida having some positivity. I think Florida state is on the other end of the spectrum there. And they there was just we did. Mention Florida state once yesterday the only time we did was because they lost ESPN three hundred quarterback Sam how old North Carolina. It just I it's just a strange recruiting class for them. After what happened on the field? This is the second losing Sam how this is the second class in a row they haven't signed a quarterback, and that that's devastating that is devastating. And that doesn't mean that they can't sign one in January. Sure. But when you look at where they are at that position. You look at where Florida state is in the offensive line. And you look out how little they improved that area of their football team in this class. I it it is quite alarming. I think the other team that I would look at is is UCLA. And and I and I say UCLA because I'm just so curious to watch this mode of operation that chip Kelly has decided to take in publicly acknowledged in relationship to slowing everything down not offering any prospects prior today one of their ju the fall of their junior season. Can this be done in our climate in my opinion? He may actually be the only conference where could possibly work not saying it will work. Work where it could possibly work. If he tried this mode of operation in the SEC. They would be toast. Yeah. It would be over before it starts. So I listen, I admire and I also believe that many of of of the things that chip Kelly staffer trying to accomplish are the actual correct way about going to do about doing this. The problem is viable can it work in today's climate to slow play. When everything is about, you know, the early identification process getting out and getting on these kids identifying who your your guys are making those overtures getting guys on campus. Are they capable of taking that and completely reversing field? And then still having the caliber of player signed with them that can compete with the better teams, not only in the Pac twelve but nationally and nobody's osy answer to that question. That's what made yesterday for UCLA. Just so mind boggling to me and what what's. A little bit more concerning with me or the question that I still have to is that chip Kelly's been out of college football now for a while. So he doesn't have those relationships still to to rely on or fall back on. And I just wonder if that's gonna work if had he been in the college football world right before this came the UCLA and had that strategy. Sure. It might have worked a little bit better. But he still building relationships. Yeah. You know, and that that's concerning for me in real quick met with Florida state. Tom mentioned they can still land the quarterback in January. That is true. The however the pool has diminished big time drastically, you might be going farther down your board. There are only two unsigned four-star quarterbacks left, which is incredible. And this crop of quarterbacks. No disrespect. I mean, it's it wasn't an elite crop. I mean is that a fair is that a fair assessment Tom this crop of two thousand nineteen th the highest rated quarterback. Well, I I think we've become so conditioned the last couple of years to to see Jake Frahm to see Trevor Lawrence to see Jalen hurts to a tongue of a some of these freshmen come in and make a huge impact. That's a little bit. More of a statistical blip..

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