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It is Jim Rome show and I've got phone lines, which are wide open to you in the United States and Canada. 1 806 368686. We're joined right now by a national college football writer for CBS sports dot com. He is a very good friend of the program. He is a hobby years enthusiast. We all are. He is Dennis Dodd. Dennis before we get into everything that's happening around college football. Bring me up today. Dennis, How are you and everybody around you doing right now? Jim, Thanks so much. Everybody safe, just hunker down at home waiting for you. Football season, which I just discovered is 15 days away, Suddenness Southern at South Alabama at Southern this if we get that far will play football. It is really something, isn't it? Dennis Dog joining us, all right, So I want to get into the individual conferences and then the ripple effects of postponing seasons. But how would you describe 15? Days out? How would you describe the overall state of college football right now? In the middle of August? Oh, God fractured a lack of leadership. You know to the players? Certainly, you know some of the players depressing. And you know, has exposed itself. But what we all thought this wass as much as they want to talk about student athlete welfare. With virtually no one else playing football on a college level. If it's the money, grand. I mean, I'm not pronouncing sentence on it. I'm just You know, I was someone of substance would just say, you know they need a portion of those TV revenues. To make themselves whole or there'll be a lot of It'll be. A lot of athletic department has ceased to be not not just football programs. We're talking to Dana's daughter. I'm going back to that a minute, Dennis the fact that the money is the thing, of course. But let me ask you about Big 10, like the big 10 has taken a lot of heat for the way it handled its decision to postpone the fall season. What do you make of how that's played out for that conference? Well, not well, You know, it's one thing to make the decision not to play in the fall. That's that's fine. But then no information on why? You know you have a group of parents now. Headed to Rosemont, Illinois, have peaceful protests in front of Big 10 headquarters, asking for information. From the commissioner Kevin Warning, So I don't think it's spoken publicly since they postponed Last week and explained why multiple administrators Saying that we don't even know if there was a vote to cancel this thing which I think is really, really concerning. But that really is a concern in the big 10. You have players. No, it's just in fields had that And that move on dot org's petition that gained 250,000 signatures and Jim Frankly, it's a look that is unbecoming to the Big 10. It's always been the buttoned up classy. No. Student athletes conference. That one that did it the right way that won championships and it seems a bit of disarray. Right now. We're talking to Dennis Dodd. You know, Dennis, the point just made like Penn State, for instance. Even their 80 said that she was not sure. That there was an official vote to postpone the fall season. I mean, what do you make of that? How is that even possible? Well again. There's a couple things here. You've got to make sure when you come out of that room, Whatever you decide, however, you decided it. Guys and women. We are going to be united. This is going to be unanimous when we walk out of this room. I know some of us don't agree, but we're gonna put a public face on. This is how we operate. That's our veterans. Administrator work and it's happened multiple times. It's happened in the big 10 and other complexes before we don't air our dirty laundry immediately after the announcement came yet, Scott thought, saying, We're going to look at options to play this season. Ohio State, Michigan State Michigan. Had coaches or administrators say things and I just never seen anything like it. Again, the buttoned up big 10. You know, there wasn't a clear message there as to how we're going to do it so clearly, that league has fractured and disagrees on playing in the spring. I don't think they can go back now, but it's just It's something you don't expect in the big dance finish that thought because I was going to ask you that next. Can they go back? Is there any scenario in which the big 10 actually were to reverse his decision and play this fall? James Franklin was asked that this morning on a zoom call where he was very critical of the process. But he also he did at because I don't think we're going back to the fall. You know? I think if people agree within the parents that are protesting this, don't But I don't think you could go back once you've made this it is that that in itself, then looks almost hit the critical if it wasn't safe enough. Our players last week. How is it all of the sudden? Safe enough players now? Is there a leadership vacuum? Yes, they not explained himself. Fully? Absolutely not. But I don't think you can pull back and now goes to Paul. Dennis Dodd is joining us once again, Dennis, You mentioned the parents of the players a couple of times. So let me ask you some of the heat is coming from the parents who want their kids to be allowed to play. How would you summarize their arguments for wanting the games to go ahead? Um, that well, typically, you know, you know the players want to play, you know, breaking news. Who doesn't? You know I get that they all want to play that. The parents want them to play. They want an explanation of how this came down, but I've been asked this a lot. I got a t end of the day football. The privilege. It's not a right And if somebody in charge deems it not safe. Then that's the way it's going to have to be now again. They want an explanation. They should get one how this came down. And what the leadership is there, But the players, right thing Trevor Laurence and everything else. I just shake my head and I say Well, okay, you know, that's great. You've got to believe in somebody. You know whether it's whether it's somebody or science or something? You've got to believe in somebody and infinite and eventually the people that run this thing are in charge of it, and they've made this decision right along..

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