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Rolling along yes free this hour a lot of times you're bears phone calls across talk a lot on Soviet on our from now Carmen in your go off day for the bears down Robinson said he's gonna blossom seem to go to the bulls game tonight also plan a five in one Lakers the Lakers drop the opener have a loss since a deal brought in town there's that we got some good other brown to maybe have a chance to play later by Jeff Michael let's do it about Michael Jeffrey Jordan yes does he compare self to Michael Ono okay Michael's house tonight to better remember that that's the house that Michael bell remember that how many celebrities will be there tonight all seven thousand this and we're not no way it's true I know you don't Robinson has what's called celebrity do you think you're out of town so the hawks using to risk you will go beyond the bulls games before I'm gonna say no no okay he goes he's in a sweet tucked away in the back yeah nobody wants to see tripit ski I is Jack in town for some reason like you know he'd like to go I'll send you still love going balls later I think Jack's knocking on heaven's door and my people there is no yeah be terrible well yeah I mean I know he's got to be eighty something that not it's Jack Knockin on heaven's door good lord I hope not I don't think you seem at LA Laker games anymore acceded to wow we lord does he still got a Laker games he's not hang and I'm like good old Clint Eastwood who is the other one I was always there with them and Diana thank you Diane can't remember liking you it will I mean the nineties you could me dying Canada passes they take her face off should be able to cover a corvette was she's got to be AT all right I don't know what stars will be there tonight Merck I've done guess it not many you know what I mean and yeah yeah whoa good I mean are you talking to sack eighty two yeah well your go where you go to the game your star you don't want bulls Lakers yeah I'm still you're still you bet I am just ask yourself yes they are no I'm for sure I'm not going I could not see here is the ticket is does the nine we should of brings the whole thing then the team on everybody would go on to look right away and said Hey early in we should have gone I mean it isn't a big to do I know it's a fantastic to do tonight and then there's a D. teasing everybody will never know if I can sit front ride ago number that's why I do it snobby but okay sat front row I don't go I sent the front row for five years covering the NBA I gotta tell you it is a great way to watch a game and you get a total appreciation for the speed and the size of NBA players how athletic they are I don't think there is going to be there yes when things always wanting to dollars and there's no more what there's I don't think there's a more naturally athletic group than the guys that play in the NBA just pure natural athleticism elevation strip stop and start you know that kind of stuff yes you did just like the purer fast weight like what makes a great athlete hands feet I don't think there's a better group then NBA players that's just me people one of debate and argue that but they're incredible to watch up close so I see your point about only sitting first row yeah that said still watch Iverson with the ball in his hand all his family says he was a blower I mean just about it like it's just you want to talk about sheer god given ability and just here this is this you're gonna have this type of athleticism is it is amazing to watch that was an NBA game I was excited yes when I saw the most playful and Heinrich was trying to guard him he had a late one runner ever you know a lay up spin around in the lane some of the ball he had an attitude and a swag about him too when is a member of the media that as an exhilarating media behind the bench you pay for lebron is the art of seen enough of the brown over the what I pay for now no no no I pay form when he gets on his own show taco Tuesday whiskey Wednesday thank god this tonight with guns as the box right we do talk because every Tuesday because a doctor that's right as low as usual you guys before you buy two calls yeah you guys know that out Allen Iverson what he is coming once you turn fifty five and twenty thirty twenty million dollars thirty million dollars what thirty two million dollars from adidas a trust fund they set up for me I seems to me that they thought he would blow through all this money back yeah thirty two from yeah thirty eight so many on China denied did you go to China I did go to China at some point I don't recall that anyone overseas Mabel's Japan maybe is trying to make his career one of three in the bronze in sixteen years and we got off it says must like of it still must you know see live but if you've never seen him I guess you'd still be dying to go see him because he is something he in a D. tonight against the bulls bulls are big on Iraq seven and a half point dog tonight is Kyle whose mind this team yes he is well which one to go seek out because well what the out over the other two I mean I don't know who's was like the the the he's not even advertise it as like you know when you go to a restaurant sometimes you sit down is a compliment to the chef they give you a little bite on the spoon yeah that's Calhoun okay you know AD and lebron that's that that's what you want at the meeting stuff you see last week one night AT half of what he had a forty and twenty game I did not in thirty minutes I was gonna stay with you could me I'll let us go to our body drain Seattle on ESPN one thousand it's a drain Hey does are you doing great how are you but you're going to pop I'm sure if I can get one the chickens they're they're they're killing people over these things it's ridiculous a figure out what I want to know why did they will have to find a good get it but I mean I mean everyone and I'm sorry about that I mean you know that's a joke we look like that Mr got two things one the question for you are you have a solution to our quarterback problem you I'm surprised karma you to notice but what's the first thing is I think the well the bears if they don't get to Bridgewater or the guy from action bill whose whose are not Nick Foles falls it non poll souls and they don't get it good day my off from up which looks like he's solid but if they don't get bridge for our souls this is a five year set back for them now the one thing that I want to know from your call ins you know green made since ninety one ninety two have has had two quarterbacks and early on when you're playing the figure girl at one point didn't have far Boonville in debt more on the same team at one time yes they did how was your night in middle of policy agreement was drafted quarterback every year every single long did he we absolutely want was up there when you're too by the way exactly so what do you think now I think this is going to get a case another year possibly two I think if they don't get one of these are going to be a set back but how gore for to get a quarterback I was a philosophy and how you think that can give you cannot change the bears they call that mindset about corporate can I finally find one of my forty nine almost fifty years of life thank be careful getting those that sandwich goes on Warner was in there they a hassle back was in their Aaron Brooks was in there so they did would they bring Amanda developed and they have a chance to play one way or the other and then they ended up trade more no he hasn't done it lately because I think he doesn't want to rock the boat I don't know about your cares about what anybody thinks you're going on but he used to draft a quarterback quite often all the trade a lot of them yeah because he was sort of believe the same thing that you it is the most important position even though we had Tom Brady S. Tom Brady was getting over Houston drafted now couple of them were big time boss never played some of them were playing around the league Jacoby percent yeah and sugar outgrow it Asselin that will indicate that he has he disappointed a little bit he hasn't done it lately and I wonder if that's because the grapple thing although he did draft they did rebel Lastra forgot Danny Etling they drafted last year Alice you so he's not afraid to draft quarterback he's got Tom fricking Brady last year he drafted outline then I think sixteen is when they got percent right yes two thousand sixteen in the third round they drafted burset they drafted Jimmy G. in the second round in two thousand fourteen they drafted I mean look just if you go back to their draft your a bit of a dry here Zack Robinson late took a flyer Jack Robinson never played much at all I don't think that was in twenty ten he drafted one in two thousand eight I mean he's drafted quarterback jets with Tom Brady for a reason because you need them Ron wolf also took J. J. Barker member him I do remember out of Alabama Barker absolutely any does some radio and television down I mean I believe he does Alabama area yeah some without much recorder back in when I tell you that much of a quarterback I mean not much of a quarterback but one hell the guy in the media now yes just a quick perusal of their draft picks will show you that he's never gone more than like two years in a row without drafting a quarterback guess what the bears decided to do you know they drafted for basically fine but there were there were there was a time when they were drafting quarterbacks it's crazy and they they should be drafting I'm constantly until they finally figure it out I I'd buy the I'm not going to disagree with I know I know you're you should always be worrying intent you bring into your brain specifically tell the good start dating track and this is an on pace because this is even pretty space there entrapped one in twenty twelve dating traps wanted twenty thirteen you know that your dad did did Dr David fills in fourteen it's just it's an adult male caller yeah that interrupt wanted two thousand nine they did not I don't think it looks like the draft one in two thousand eight you know I mean come on two thousand drives me crazy go ahead yeah let's go to Carlo in Atlanta what's up Carlo hello Hey come on your car you don't want some Angela good Carl what's up Hey listen now we both share the same thing yeah we got some major holes though if I was general manager I'll say it mac losing a little bit on the phone there buddy I think he was making the point that I made yesterday if somebody wants to blow you away with an offer in the off season for Khalil Mack I really think you got a lesson I do you can call me whatever you want just don't call me Shirley I think you got a lesson if somebody wants to give you a couple.

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