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It's not running into a wall life too. I saw in the eighties. Some of the ninety s he does not like that. But you know, that Jordan Howard is special. He's a very put Jordan Howard is a good football player mean he scratched a special joint. Howard is a good football player. And so as to recall when they're good football players that can be able to run outside and could be able to make plays. So we can look at it from from from that standpoint that those two should be able to run the football. And then, of course, Nagy said, well, why should we continue to run the football? We'll run it. When we want to some people are just in fantasy football fantasy football. It's about being able to utilize the most of your offense, especially if Trubisky can't get it down the field enough to help the team win just use everything you have at your disposal. The run game was at your disposal. Look at what the bears have been able to do with the running game the last three weeks. It's it's been pretty solid. They can utilize running game because it's their assault off into blind without Kyle long, by the way, I know his name has been mentioned past few weeks because a beer is able flourish without him. But man, I know the importance of Kyle long, and I have to give. The offensive line credit the ball. Sometimes does not get out quickly, which is still surveying the scene. Look inside the sign trying to figure out who the pass the ball to the offense of line is giving Trubisky time. And of course, the wide receivers as well. There is not one wide receiver that has emerged as a Sara Lee as this breakout guy, but I will say that from the Taylor Gabriel's and from Anthony Miller to Trey Burton to Allen Robinson. She heen. It's so good to see the these wide receiver staying patient and working with Trubisky because there's no one that stands out to me, but they're all working in concert together for the bears offense and once again a championship team. And a defense leads the way this has been my entire existence is a bears fan. The offense is not horrible. But they still didn't catch up to the defense because the impact players on the defensive bears we've illustrate those those defensive players in how could they have been. But I think that when you develop your own players and add something special to your team to be a playoff team cluele Max Bell availability puts his team in the playoffs you develop your own players as something special like Khalil Mack. And guess what? Now, you have a culture. And now you have a playoff team. So Felix open the phone lines at three one two three three two ESPN three three two three seven seven six our phone number. I want to hear from you. Because the question I have for you is very simple. If you're a bears fan listening to this show. I want to get your thoughts because my first time talking to you about the bears, and and as NFC north champions owes you tell me what stands out as the number one reason for you. Why the bears are the NFC north champions? Why are the bears in this position right now? I want to get your answers in here on our shelves. We get on the record because I'm gonna go. Through some things in the Facebook wall facebooKcom until you call I've laid out both sides of the football. And are now I want to hear what you think. Because what are you talk about this together? So the number one reason in your mind that the beards are in this position right now three one two three three two ESPN is our phone number so looking onto Facebook while facebooKcom I'll just give you a little flavor. And then we'll get to the phone lines here from you here on our beer down Tuesday's as they'd have a show yesterday. So Davis Gerald says this he says the combination of really good coaching some experience like Fangio some newer like Nagy, but talented plus players who really have a passion desire to excel the tradition of prior hall of fame level players for the beer seems to have an impact on the current generation. So interesting thoughts there from Dan FitzGerald. Some other things here on the Facebook wall. Jamie Baker talks about the BU you mentality of the team. Now, the b you thing B Y O U two words on the play card the play sheet for Matt Nagy? If you watch the bears game you've seen this backwards, of course. But you've seen this right where it's almost reminded to him. Because Nagy's kid says you just be yourself be yourself. Right. So the and tally of the team that comes from Nagy being himself. Yes. And his personality that we've seen so far is to be able to as I mentioned earlier, essentially, at the positives and negatives with his offense because if we're honest you, and I were always honest with each other. You know that the bears offense that looked like New Orleans offense. A look like Kansas City's officers. Look like the Rams when they were good offense. It doesn't look the same. Because I think that Nagy sees what we all see in that the offense is still trying to develop. It's not a an offense in which is just this madman type thing where you just hit. You know? When you hit hail Mary and then have four receivers down the down the field, and let them keep going every time. You had hail Mary that you try to throw it to receive on the left side right side. It's really a lotta razzle dazzle a lot of short passing games and trying to get a run after the catch. So the BU mentality is Nagy doing a good job of trying to get Trubisky. More and more coupled with the offense every single time he says these dudes aren't afraid to play the game their way, and it seems to give them more confident. That's from Jimmy Baker on Facebook. Facebook dot com. Len Ackerman longtime media guy here in Chicago says they were in the right place at the right time. Everyone must stay healthy and momentum must be hot. This is the formula to win from my buddy. Lynn who. Does a great job coverage. Saga sports for a long time here. Dan radius says that the bears have made some great additions to the team via drafting free agency and trades that have helped get this defense back to being dominant and the offense under control of someone. Who knows what he's doing? He's talking about Matt. Now, you there as I mentioned, the defense is all I thought always been pretty solid. But I think that when Khalil max, they're requiring a double team have have you isolated. Have you watched some of Khalil Mack just one on one all Khalil Mack? So great. Khalil mack. Sometimes whether it's a double team men. I mean, he just wants swim move. He backed into a sack on Sunday against Rochester. Crazy. That's how good he is. So I just will never understand what the raiders are thinking right there. I'm sorry. What Jon Gruden was thanking all that time the Monday night booth and couldn't see the talent of Khalil Mack. All right. Then. Airbus says he says I really love the play of the defense. And he Jackson was a steel in the draft as quickly becoming one of the best. If not the best safety in the league, he is play affords the defense to take chances without fear of failure. That's from Aaron Boston. That's a great point big Eddie Jackson fan, and then actually get a chance to meet it for the first time football night in Chicago show. Great to talk to him. A young man with a very bright future. Opportunistic is the ultimate opportunist on this football team without question. Enrico Gonzales says that the defense Khalil Mack. The one trade Ryan pace bears fans will remember for a long time. If they win the Super Bowl is is Khalil Mack. And he says oh and nagging the offense. I mean, here's the thing. Max stands out more. So than anything else when that Trey took place you saw the best player on the team. And then when MAC was not part of the bears, you still trying to figure out is Aleki Hicks is that any Jackson who was the best player on the beers before MAC out here so open the phone lines Felix three one two three three two ESPN three three two three seven seven six our phone number. You tell me we've already got some submissions of Facebook. Now, we'll get the lines going here by asking you what stands out as number one reason why the AFC north champions get your phone calls coming up after this. You're listening to under the hood..

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