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To wear masks, use hand sanitizer and social distance. You can see the CDC is guidance and Thanksgiving safety. Updates at CDC dot gov. Tanya J. Powers. Fox News, Jason Pick it with the Austin Health Department says they're asking area schools to switch to full online learning after Thanksgiving. So that's anticipated. Increasing infection that we will see associated with Thanksgiving has it's time to declare itself. In those days after before we start getting people together in groups. Austin School Superintendent Dr Stephanie L. Is all day is expected to make an announcement later. Today. The state run homeless camp in Southeast Austin is getting tiny new homes Austin Nonprofit. The other ones is teaming up with a Seattle company to build those tiny homes. Donald Montgomery lives in the camp. And he tells Caixa and it's a real upgrade. It preserves human dignity. It helps keep the mess down. It's just a very much a win win. I believe they will build 200 of those tiny homes in Montana. Poulos 7 33 K. L. B J. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brands. They really light conditions out there. Just a few brake lights showing up 35 North found in between Riverside Drive and Cesar Chavez. We have signals not working properly. And east 71 that some 9 73 as well. A South 3 60 moe packs so you'll need to treat those has always stops your next reports at 7 45 I Melinda brilliant with Austin's on time traffic, Sunny skies. It'll be a pleasant day behind today and 74 clear skies tonight and the Lord 40 from the Weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment Bees get off two news on demand it news radio tail BJ dot com 7 34. Todd Jeffries, don Prior, huh? So glad you're here. Morning. Yeah, The map shows nearly 7000 Thanksgiving flights as 6.3 million Take to the skies, 48 million drive and 350,000 travel by train, you know, meet up for the holidays despite the C D. C s warnings that you should stay away from other people. You should only be in your home with the people. You're living what they say. If you don't know the apparent risks out there, the and you know the potential consequences. Then I don't know what to say to. So in other words, what I'm saying is, people are making their own choices based on what they know. And I think everybody knows three people living like three people. And if you don't, then you clearly live under a rock. And you're happy doing that. Hey, I met somebody yesterday. And I hope to introduce him to you named Daniel. Okay from bash dropped firewood, and I just want to give them a shout out to have a good feeling about Daniel already have a good feeling about Daniel. Right guy Veteran owns a business here in town backdrop. Firewood. They provide firewood for well, a lot of businesses here in town restaurants, barbecue joints, things like that. Sure. And big, big market. Yeah, they're doing it, man and doing it right. They delivered a half court of wood. You know what that is? Yes, I do. Do you know what a half court is? That's a true measurement. Yes. I don't know the amount of accord or a half cord. But I know what you're referring to. It's a true measurement. Yeah. What is what is a lot of people get confused. I've always I've always thought you know you. You driving down the side of.

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