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Your host Koi Johnny's always wanted to put her fingers or the nails worst even golden. Sound I. Don't mean a weird. that. Okay here's the deal, the Bible Bench, the show retake stories from the Bible and we recap them as though they were maybe book for its mission. Now, we say movie booker TV show because that's what we usually do on our other show about pop culture, the podcast with Knox and Jamie where we talk about popular culture sacrilege every Wednesday, and before we begin, we just want to be clear that the Bible. Has No agenda The show as a meant to be evangelical for cereal, which thing to the Bible has some super dope stories I wanNA talk more about them and voice that as more every man or every woman, the conversation will take place sodas meant to be more casual, not a disrespect but in an effort to better understand the story tenth season of the Bible Bench is all about that rag tag group. Of adoring Acolytes we lovingly referred to as the disciples to make sure you get every episode of the season had straight to wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe to our show plus don't forget to follow along with us on instagram and twitter at the Bible. Finally here at the Bible meant, we urge you to love others as you love yourself and share the show on social media and if you WANNA. Fall along as we go, the main biblical Scripture sobral cover is John Twenty versus nineteen through thirty one are Jamie get tougher Tommy tally time Tommy were you excited? I'm very excited. I've been waiting a long time for this episode. This is your this. Would you argue that this is your favorite one like your top five favorite characters in the Bible number one number one of men you know Jesus obviously Jesus. But like of mortal men, that's my guy and right before we hit record you said we'll never talk about Thomas again so like Well he'd just seized us not mentioned a lot in the Bible. Sorry. This. Is his moment to shine hard the deal I. Guess. Okay. So in this story, we obviously have two primary characters that we're dealing with. We have. Jesus who of course, as you know, we do not cast out of respect for ourselves. And then Thomas, we have Thomas he mentioned eight times in the New Testament which could sound like a lot of those times are just GonNa, list of names of people who are disciple. So He is one of the twelve main disciples of Jesus. He might be a fisherman we don't really know job he just in one of those other for mentions it's like he went fishing with the fishermen. So been recreational kind of information we don't know we don't know. His name. Let's talk about Thomas's name which is very complicated. Now, we as a group of people have decided his name was Thomas but here's the problem..

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