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John Ziegler is with us now he's he writes for Mediaite and he's been tracking this amazing story with Matt Lauer and he joins us now John tell me about the things that we're not covered by a pharaoh in his book he he he didn't seem to verify anything with with pretty easy sources I mean he'd be he never went to the boyfriend in the control room and said Hey did this happen and Matt Lauer did and according to his story he had what while it was contentious at first he spent hours with these people getting their their story and they don't match Brooke's story or Roland's first story yeah I think it's actually more run in the story but it is it is technically Brooks story the the per person who's accusing him now of rape well at the Olympics in Sochi in two thousand fourteen eat yet the key elements here are are the modern pharaohs ammo bland is to tell the story of the accuser by augmenting all of their little details to create the impression of authenticity and deep dive journalism like little even tiny details which flower illustrates in his piece on media yesterday are actually not even accurate and most times made up but where it really gets the ferry is is where he will make it appear to the reader as if a story has been verified by another party a witness someone who was there because that's the way borrow describes it but then when when Lauer actually go to that person because he knows who they are even though their names aren't used in barrow's blog guess what happens two things are amazing one we learned it that's not what happened at all that's not their version of the story number two don't even bother to contact them and three what's really the most amazing part is it into these cases these are ex boyfriends a brook novels they have no animosity towards her they should have demands animosity towards Matt Lauer he's the guy who who brought cheated on them you know while they were dating Brooks well I broke with math right our so they should have been jealousy towards Sam he can do nothing for it damn he's a pariah you're no longer the host of the today show and yet they felt so strongly about the truth that they were willing to tell him on the record Hey look this is not what happened Robert Brown never contacted me my version of this story is completely different in one case it never even happened it was just completely made up and these details matter when you have an allegation they didn't happen for five years and only happened after Ronan Farrow decides he's going to write a book he needs a new story there's the the conflict of interest I already references a book deal in the horizon for Brooke novels and and what we find is that the end is that Ronan Farrow's journalism she is so bad that you cannot possibly trust the outcome of it is not a these are not minor details this is not well you got a guilty guy he just did it you know it exaggerated the evidence against him now I am very confident saying that Matt Lauer never rate broke novels right well it was a CAD Matt Lauer made huge mistakes he paid immensely immensely the other I don't think there's anyone who's ever paid more in the media for infidelity the Matt Lauer did you can argue he deserved that and I've told him that but it but if he did not deserve to be called a rapist I don't believe that he deserved that just to become well you know this pariah in America I I I actually I I warned the fact that that morning television is so horrendous in his absence there's nobody that does a good interview anymore Matt Lauer was a tremendous interviewer and and we've lost that in our media culture because of theirs but most importantly Ronan Farrow is a freaking fraud who should not be trusted and certainly should not have this position of the moral arbiter all relationships between men and women I mean it's it's it's insane let me let let me take it let me let me get you back on the facts on a couple of things ronin rights over the course of twenty eighteen I'd learned of seven claims of sexual misconduct raised by women who worked with Lauer this is an under as as Matt writes this is ronin at his most manipulative yeah explain this this is astonishing yeah when it when you read that you go while there seven allegations against Matt Lauer until when it when you read it carefully as I'm sure you didn't plan what you realize is you know what that statement is that statement can also be made about the same seven wouldn't work without Joe well they were right seven claim six seven claims of sexual misconduct raised by women who worked with Lauer back now that's a true statement but they're not they're not claims against Lauer just seven women who worked with flour on that's unbelievable well but here's the point by the way that that's false because you in the aftermath of the book I'm running for make it was a it was a conspiracy theorist by the way Ronan Farrow is a conspiracy theorist it's not just with Lauer and NBC but throughout his entire book meaning that doesn't get talked about enough but but one of the you know this because while they were gone one of the keys when you see someone who is on a story and they say that they don't really have it nailed they think the worst is yet to come we've seen this with by way with the virus right I mean that in the media area it that the media still waiting for Florida to blow up any day now like Linus in the great pride badge I mean so they don't really when I don't have the story nailed it the worst is yet to come and borrow dramatically on MSNBC dot NBC to release all women who ever signed a nondisclosure agreement with NBC NBC said look they if they feel like they're that we're keeping them from speaking about their stories they are now free to talk we will not enforce NDAs and that was portrayed as a bomb bomb bomb all these women going to start to come out and this is my story about Matt Lauer's gonna be proven to be true that was over six months ago gland the crickets are still chirping there's not been one not one person who has come forward to say yep I signed an NDA with NBC because they were protecting Matt Lauer Matt Lauer abused me or ask me whatever and let me tell your story by the way just because you know well the media what about all over that if it happened but it hasn't happened because it didn't exist because Ronan Farrow light and that's the way he lives in the box he lives by portraying something that appears to be true using the credibility you've been given as this media superstar and most readers are going to be that are going to give that much scrutiny they're not gonna be that cynical because they think this guy's credible when he's actually a total fraud that okay listen this is what Mediaite put as an editor's note after Matt Lauer's submitted this piece how responsible running Ferrell's but catching kill Mediaite editors independently fact checked the accounts of the four witnesses in the subjects Lauer spoke with and sites in this piece all confirmed in early February that Lauer's account of the conversation was accurate so Lauer has a case a lawsuit against the publisher of his book is he going to file I mean look I John you know publishers at least with conservatives publishers make us go through all kinds of circus hoops to be able to put any fact in any book they check comes six ways to Sunday they challenge us every step of the way where was the fact checking how could this book have been possibly written when they didn't fact check and didn't call the sources to make sure that those people were were were truly on record how did this happen well I well it happens because Ronan Farrow is perceived as an untouchable and already vetted and that's the most dangerous thing that can happen and then for any news story I've seen this dozens of times where everyone thinks someone else is doing the vetting and no vending gets done but as far as the lawsuit is concerned you know because Matt Lauer is obviously a very public figure they the legal burden here is incredibly high Matt has considered this matter is kept his options open he would in theory love to do it but and practice and he and I have talked about how this would go down it's a very expensive and arduous process that that they could end up going in all sorts of different directions he is not in any way shape or form ruled that out I'll tell you what else though yeah I'll tell you who is going to sue Ronan Farrow over this book is Dylan Howard the former editor of the national choir he's going to sue Ronan Farrow and and he's made it very clear that everything the power wrote about him in the books some of which even relates to Lauer is totally false so running for I was going to be sued over this book I don't know whether not Matt Lauer will be doing the suing but I can tell you I mean the big thing is your listeners need to understand is Matt Lauer did not rape this woman Ronan Farrow didn't do its job Ronan Farrow was not to be trusted and the median is the whole Ronan Farrow accountable they won't go because he's offensively too big to fail this narrative has been sat and it is it is the worst example of how broken the news media that I can possibly imagine well I can't I mean I I said to you did you watch the apple show the morning show when you called me seven months ago and I said I because I think that's that's closer to what happened although at the end of the first season it looks like he is kind of a bad guy and in kind of a rapist but it's you know before I hit that episode I thought this is probably the Matt Lauer story to where he is he's just kind of going along and clueless and people are changing the point of view and they're not looking they're not saying to him and it's it's it's destroying people absolutely destroying good people and look the guy had an affair he admitted it it was consensual and maybe that's against your corporate policy but it happens all the time I mean breed history and it's going to continue to happen but we've got to stop destroying people because it happens and allowing this to to go on and I think Ronan Farrow is going to be remembered watched watch the reaction of this one is going to be remembered as McCarthy from the McCarthy hearings that McCarthy had some things right but he had a lot wrong and he was the worst messenger and a lot of people that were communists got away with it because he's so discredited the hunt for real communists in our in our country that it became a joke and and help the communist out after that because it had gone so far in so many lives have been destroyed by this guy and the committee for unamerican activities I think we're in the same thing this is the new red hunt it's the.

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